Tuesday, September 14, 2010

day two

i am not used to this work thing! i've had two really long days. tomorrow, i don't have IOP. will i actually have a minute to myself? WOO HOO!!!!

i sure was spoiled -- good sleep, long baths, lunch on the deck.... of course, there wasn't any money coming in, so that didn't really work too well.

i'm sorry that i haven't been in blog world the last two days. i've been thinking about everyone, reading blogs AND READING AND RE-READING your comments to me.

i'm going to take a shower (kind of ran out of time this morning), lay out my clothes, make my lunch, eat dinner and try to get some sleep.

by the way, the job seems fine. i have my stressed out moments. but this week is all training, so i'm just trying to relax and learn.

Hope everyone is having a good night. Peace.


  1. So glad to hear from you and to hear that your job is going well. Too bad that we need money to survive isn't it? There must be another way.

  2. Harriet: Thank you. I just read your post, and don't yet have the brain power to respond yet. tomorrow, i will have a little more time. now, i must bathe!!!1

  3. I am still convinced that somewhere I will find a trust fund with my name on it, if I look hard enough. Sigh.......

    Working is good too, though. It's just so much...work!

    But seriously, I'm glad you have a job. I hope you like it and it works out.

  4. I don't think so lisa that trust fund is mine!

    Silyously I was born to be rich. Ahh well not to be.

    Glad you fitting well. I know how hard it can be. At my office I've trained 8 people that have come and gone. Maybe I'm just a bad trainer. hmmm...

    Good luck at the IOP

  5. I hoping to win the lottery. Now I just have to buy a ticket or two ...

    I'm so glad things are going better for you. Hang in there! You're always in my prayers.


  6. lisa; so far it's been fairly pleasant -- i'm still training. it's seems like kind of a high pressure job, but i'm trying to take it one day at a time. where are all of our trust funds?!

    Eating Alone; i run out on most jobs -- in general, i would have been one of the eight. NOTHING to do with you. i know it for a fact.

    angela; somewhere, i actually i think i believe that lottery ticket is waiting. hope i have gotten the message that i must make money and MUST stop spending. blugh. thank you for thinking of me. hope YOU are well!