Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Better Day

Today is a better day. Work was a little busier, so it went more quickly. My co-workers are very nice, and they're unbelievably patient with my mistakes and slow learning curve on the computer.

I'm not sure why i'm feeling better, but here are some guesses. I am

getting enough sleep every night.

blogging every night, then taking a lovely bath and going to bed.

working new hours, so i can sleep later and there's no traffic. The commute is a full half hour less each way now!

getting more comfortable at work, so i don't obsess about being employed quite so much

eating heartily and healthfully. yes, my weight's staying up there, but I'm sure getting enough brain food.

not beating myself up for the weight gain. just going back to the closet for bigger clothes.

sober and going to AA most nights

seeing things more clearly and realizing they're ok

much more sober, in every sense of the word

I guess this was a gratitude list of sorts. I'm so grateful for everything that's feeling and working a little better. Hallelujah!


  1. Yes for you Melissa! Sounds like everything is good today. And that is what it takes - one day at a time. And I hope tomorrow is a good one too. Love you!

  2. Really glad to hear things are on the upswing. And major congrats on getting the sponsor, what a great step. Keep hanging in there!

  3. Very glad to hear your doing so well. Keep up all the good work. And remember they want you to do well so that you can take over some of their work.

  4. I am so happy to read this! One foot in front of the other. :) And, congratulations on getting the sponsor!

  5. Harriet; thank you. so sweet. today was a pretty decent day. a sober day. i'm really busy, but i'm okay. lots to work on, but seem to be taking the steps. thanks again for your lovely note here.

    Cammy; upswings are pretty nice. i need to live in the moment and not wait for "the other foot to drop." i get so scared of having bad days. for now tho, i'm good.

    Eating Alone; thanks for making me laugh. interestingly, it's sales, so i'm really horning in on their salaries, but they're still nice!

    S.A.: it will be interesting, indeed, to see what it's like to have a sponsor AND doing the 12 steps. eek. i sense it will be good for me. a lot to learn and do! better than drinking. thank you