Friday, April 29, 2011

Hello Mojo

I'm happy to say that my mojo is back! Hallelujah.

I'm comfortable with food again -- YAY! it took a while, and i sure felt uncomfortable but things are back to normal. i'm not stressing or obsessing, which is brilliant.

i suppose it started with the food journal. writing everything down helped me see where and when i was using food for purposes other than fuel and nourishment. giving up gum and candy made me feel so much better about myself too. although i've struggled some with missing my candy, overall i don't even want it.

with the food journal, i did send it to my acquaintance, Mary, as she suggested, but i haven't heard back, and it's been a week. somehow, that's okay. i needed her comfort so much that night that i called her. her kindness and suggestionss in that moment put me right on the path of healing. perhaps, that is just what i needed.

i've also been making myself go to bed earlier, and that really helps. i'm such a night owl and hate the morning BUT i don't have that luxury with the new job's schedule. being inflexible was only hurting me, so i'm off to bed a little earlier and really feel better.

i've been working on myself -- working on patience, kindness, compassion, tolerance, gratitude......all this helps more than anything i could ever dream of.

and very importantly, i got a couple of highlights and, finally!, a cute haircut -- it makes all the difference. i was feeling frumpy and pasty and my hair was drab and the cut was kind of square-shaped. now i have a little bounce and some brightness, and i swear, i'm a new woman.

Compassion and a good haircut -- what else does a girl need?


  1. aww yay it's good to hear trhat you're feeling all happy :D YAY for being comfortable with food! And yay for new haircuts! (I need one tbh lol)

  2. This is so awesome! Firstly that you're comfortable with food, but also I think your approach to the relationship with Mary is really spot on - in that position I know that I become really dependent really quickly but I think your attitude is perfect and much more healthy. Good idea on the early nights too - you might find that you adjust once you've got into the habit of it. And yay for the haircut as well! Aahh I just love this post! :D

  3. I went to the hairdressers today and got those two things.

    It was a perfect few hours.

    You are a work in progress. Getting better all the time.

  4. I love how you are taking such a good look at your life and trying to figure out how to make improvements instead of becoming stuck, which is what I tend to do. I'm glad you are finding peace with food. A cute haircut is definitely a mood booster. Good job for taking care of yourself! :)

  5. This is great. Maybe it is the time of year for changes, spring signifies new beginnings, right? Your hair sounds great!

  6. hi everyone: it's funny how much better this silly little haircut (just a couple of new layers) and a few highlights make me feel. i'm bopping around.

    AND i've been feeling better and happier overall. yes, it is very nice to be comfortable with food again. ahhhhhhhhh