Monday, April 18, 2011

Hormones and the ED

...with apologies to men. and anyone else who doesn't feel like hearing about this. also, maybe triggering?

yes, it's that time of the month. the time where i'm completely on edge and grimacing, no matter what you or anyone else says. it's the time where i am crippled for 2.5 days of pulsating cramps -- yes, i swear they vibrate. and now is the time when no pants (not even one's from ten pounds up) fit. as i write this, my super stretch jeans are unbuttoned, and i'm about to change into sweats before i head out to pick up Chinese food for dinner.

of course, there's nothing wrong with getting Chinese food. there's nothing wrong with eating dinner.

but why did i think about food all day? why did i think food would comfort my screeching, exploding belly? a "normal" person, (read: someone not reared on bingeing, purging, and starving) would want nothing less than a meal at these particular moments. in fact, they might have to force themselves to eat some rice or crackers or something to coat their stomachs before they take their next five Advil.

hmmmm. come to think about it, maybe i really just need some rice and maybe some gentle protein to fuel my body and coat my stomach before gobbling afforementioned ibuprofen.

this post sounds like the "old" me. hormones make me cuckoo. i'm thinking about not posting this -- is it pissy? resentful? vaguely nasty? is it triggering?

is it? please let me know. i have no perspective at this moment. Thanks!


  1. I thought it was interesting, I'm glad you posted it :) I used to have such bad cramps that I would throw up - sadly I looked forward to it. However my doctor put me on medication about 3 years ago so now I'm largely unaffected and pretty pleased about that - v lucky!

  2. i don't think it was triggering in the least or cranky! it's just how it is for you in this moment and that's ok. i'm for one still very proud of you for all your accomplishments. i know when i get my period sporatically it's really triggering to me so it's good to hear that other people just deal with it.

  3. Lucy; do you mind sharing what medication you take? i feel like i've tried everything. i get so sick. glad you don't anymore!

    Flawedesign; thank you for writing. makes me feel better. i turn into such a lunatic every month -- a very bloated lunatic. thanks for pointing out that i do deal with it -- not always gracefully, but i do deal.

  4. I was put on Mefanamic Acid which worked really well for about a year - it wore off, I'm still not sure why but it may have been because you have to take it three times a day, with food, which I wasn't quite managing at the time. So I was put on the pill which is primarily used as contraception but also relieves any pains! It's called Microgynon. I hope this helps, good luck!!!

  5. I didn't find it triggering at all. I DO find the monthly bloating to be triggering when it happens to me, but it is a relief to see that there really is an ebb and flow (no pun intended, I swear!) and your body *will* balance back out and the pants will be fine in no time!

    I hate, hate, hate cramps. I had to resist getting pretty snitty with my boyfriend one time when he was complaining all day about having sniffles while I had been up half the night in pain from cramps and then bleeding all day. No wonder women are the ones that have to menstruate, men aren't tough enough for it! ;)

    Hope you feel better soon, take care and treat yourself kindly.

  6. Cammy; thank you. it's so true that there is an ebb and flow. my body is getting back to normal, finally, but it's slow this month.

    i HATE cramps and i loathe the madness of my hormones. i've been waiting for menopause since i first got my period when i was 10. i'm almost 47. at least i have less time to wait!

  7. I'm with everyone here in hating cramps and feeling bloated. Normally, it does not last long for me luckily, but still, it is never fun. For whatever reason, if I have particularly bad cramps, I get it into my head, well, I must not be exercising enough. Ugh!

    Hope yours have now gone away. I'm still wondering why evolution had to build in cramps with menstrual cycles!