Sunday, December 21, 2008

telling on myself

i woke up this morning to the following email:

Dear Melissa:
You can save money on 30 Generic klonopin 1mg Pills
You will not have to leave the comfort of your home at, Mountain Rd.
to receive your order
We meet your needs at (I ERASED THE NAME OF THE WEBSITE)

Melissa J, Collect from us a New ID : (ALSO DELETED)
add the New ID while placing a new order

I have not erased the email. i twiddled with ordering.
wouldn't it be nice to sleep really well?
and wake-up anxiety free?

again, i have not erased the email. i tell myself to erase it,
because if i'm that crazy for klonopin, i can always find it online
again. but i hold this in my inbox, because this place sent it quickly
and sent good klonopin.(always dicey when you're ordering from who knows

i need to delete this. i must delete this. but i'm not ready, and
that's a bad sign.

okay, i'm going to delete it. ow, this one hurts.



  1. thanks, Abi. it's amazing how good telling on yourself can be. and thanks for letting me tell you.

  2. Good for YOU. And I wish you could send it to the FBI or something to stop those vultures from preying on people's disease. Makes me SO mad. How do they live with themselves?

  3. Good for you, sweetheart.

    Next one they send, mark it as spam, and it will get sent to the spam folder first.

    I know how hard that was for you. I really do.

    I'm proud of you. You're the best.

  4. DM: it's the almighty dollar, isn't it? you can get anything so easily from the internet. it's scarey. blogging has helped so much. writing it out and everyone's support has made me a better person. applause, applause for my friends here! (trying a little theatre talk, there.)

    Karen: i'm going to "spam" it when i get one again. excellent idea! it will get easier once my nerves calm down. and you're the best!