Tuesday, December 16, 2008

not enough time!

i'm irritated here on many fronts. i have three minutes before i have to leave the house to get a physical before they'll admit me to the hospital tomorrow. thus far, i have packed 12 pens, three books, thirteen magazines, a night gown, two notebooks and alcohol free moisturizer. oh, and three packs of cigarettes -- remember i don't smoke. good work, melissa.

after the physical, i have to run to the office to finish up some last minute work. my brother is being amazing about this.

then, i jump the bus to nyc for therapy (two hour trip) and back again to arius' where there is no internet.

but i'm really mad that all of you guys put up such great posts and i want to respond to all of them. my fingers wish they could stay home while i'm off being a grown-up. i'll try tomorrow morning, but i'll be busy making sure to pack more than pens and cigarettes i don't even smoke!

i hope i have the chance to "talk" to all before i go. well, now i'm late to the doctor. ahh, let him wait for once.

lots of love and so many thanks for all your support.


  1. You've already thanked everyone for their comments, and I already feel like I've talked to you now I've read this...

    good luck!! You don't need it.

  2. I'm so proud of you, girl. See you when you get back.

    ~~huge hugs~~


  4. Very proud of you!!! Get a good night's sleep.

    Much love to you!

  5. Good luck to you, my dear friend. I am sure everything will go marvellously for you.

    Out of support for you, I'm also going to abstain. If you can do it, so can I!!

    Take care and lots of love, as usual...xx

  6. i'm going first thing tomorrow morning. the ice is so bad on the mountain i live on, i can't drive down the road.it sucks to wait, but the roads are bad and scarey for the nearly 3 hour drive. i'll keep all your well wishes in my heart.

    took a double dose of antabuse this morning, so i'll get really sick if i drink. and gave all klonopin to the therapist yesterday. now i need a nap -- heinous cramps

    Annie: i have started the abstaining process, so you can still start now too.

    Tasha: thank you. i love you both -- tasha 1 and tasha 2. you are often my hero!

  7. The best thanks you can give it to take good care of you. Go do what you need to do. We'll still be here when you get back!