Friday, December 12, 2008

close call

my sister-in-law just delivered my mail, which she pointedly mentioned was "from my boyfriend in india". now, i get to tell her i'm going to rehab.

very lucky that i have a plan. well, here goes $244 down the toilet!!!!


  1. Sister in law? Your brother's wife?

    Look at it as a week's worth of therapy. Think how good your body's going to feel when it isn't forced to imbibe these pills that will harm your liver, kill your brain cells, and make you feel dopey. $244 is a small price to pay for good health. Even though, ouch, I can definitely relate.

    When do you go in?

  2. Yes, THE sister-in-law. i through the envelop away in front of her. and i told them what i'm doing.

    this is exciting -- i also discussed moving further east. closer to all i want in nyc-- especially great for sobriety groups. my sister in law started looking for apartments and said she'd love to look with me. she's GREAT at practical stuff.

    my brother and i discussed how much i can really make in commission working with him and when is a really realistic time for me to move. we all plotted ways to bring in new business, which i think made him very happy. i can get into this more if it mean financial freedom.

    i have a glimmer of thought that things are looking up. thanks for the reminder that my life is worth a lot more than $244. you're the best

  3. by the way, it turns out she didn't know what it was. she orders everything through catalogs. i told her, though. i can't wait to start my new life. it's gonna be hard, but you know, it's gonna be good.