Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mental Health Question

As i'm looking for jobs, i'm having a hard time finding something that works around the IOP schedule. i know i need IOP, but i also really need money. i don't have any family to lean on, so food and shelter are completely my responsibility. still, I know i need IOP.

Surprisingly in this economy, i've some interviews and pretty quickly. i'm looking for fairly low-level, less stressful jobs, so i can focus on recovery. initially, i planned to try something part-time for a while, but then i worry about money and finances. as it is, the jobs i'm looking at are low-paying, but i could squeeze by.

for those of you who've done an intensive program, is there psychic space left to also work full-time?

i wonder if i can get well working full-time and just going to lots of AA meetings, but my gut tells me i need some serious intense work. i make such bad life decisions, over and over and over and over...

i'm still drinking, which is really bad. i need to feel the integrity of sobriety. i'm leaning on liquor to block out all the many, many issues and i'm eating pretty compulsively. on my own, i just don't take care of myself.

I'M SCARED. yes, i need a lot of help. but how do i swing it?


  1. I have tried for months and months to find a job that works around my IOP schedule...

    i finally came to the conclusion...the only type of job I could get that could work around that was at Panera, Starbucks, Walmart, Target, those types of jobs where they are open a long long time and nothing like 9-5

    PLEASE PLEASE take care of yourself. PLEASE. could you maybe take out a loan for IOP you have insurance of any sort that might help? My insurance covers IOP, i just have a 10% copay...

    stay strong and know help is coming

  2. Last year I did IOP for alcohol addiction, and then I was also seeing my therapist and nutritionist 3 x's a week while I was also working full time. It was pretty damn overwhelming. I would definitely try to find something that would be low stress. I wish that I could say that after the IOP I stopped drinking, but I didn't completely stop, although I have definitely cut way back. I'm sending good thoughts and a hug your way. I hope that you can find a job that works around the IOP schedule, as your health should take priority, and it is important to get help and support. Take care of you!

  3. I can't offer any personal experience with this, but I just want to wish you the best in finding something that works for your schedule. It must be very difficult though. I can't even find room in my day for physical therapy, let alone IOP. But perhaps one or more part time executive assistant positions would work - something where the hours are flexible and you can do all or part of it from home? I found my latest job on Craig's List.

  4. Big hug! No advice, I was working full time and made time for all the meetings appts and docs but it was nuts. I'd been at the same job thought for 5 years and so they were cool.

    Good luck and take care of yourself.

  5. inside the mind..: good thoughts. yes, my health is most important. i have begun looking for "odd" jobs with flexible hours. unfortunately, I am paying for COBRA. aargh.

    Angela; thank you. i don't want to completely stress myself out. it's frustrating, because i need money and i need a lot of help. i didnt drink for 10 months last year. today is going to be my first day sober. i really, really appreciate your support!

    Harriet; i scoured craigslist this morning, thinking of you. that helped me. i've been interviewing for jobs, but the hours just haven't worked. and i know i really need some intense work on myself now. so, we'll see what happens. good advice!

    Eating alone; thank you. i don't know how you did it. but it's encouraging to see that it can be done. we'll see what happens. first, someone has to offer me a job!

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