Monday, March 30, 2009

food on the road

today begins three weeks of biz travel with my brother. it's 5 am. we leave for the airport in 10 minutes. this week, we're visiting five states all across the country.

it's going to be a long trip, planned around my brother's stomach.

currently, i have a terrible, pissy attitude. this morning, we're flying to idaho. our first flight, to seattle, is six hours long. i have a middle seat.

then, we sit in seattle's airport for five hours until our second 1-hour flight.

my brother's all about the long leisurely lunch we'll have. i snapped at him already -- "i don't want a long leisurely lunch."

i really have to watch myself. he's my brother, BUT HE'S MY BOSS. i have to function like i'm with a boss -- that means doing what he wants.

it's hard. i've explained my weirdness and fears around food to my brother many, many times, but he doesn't acknowledge it. it makes him angry.

i'm bringing my laptop, so this will be my savior.

does anyone have good advice about biting your tongue, getting a better attitude, controlling your temper?

i'm off.


  1. Good luck, Lissy.

    I wish I had some good advice for you. Holding my tongue isn't my strong point. I think it is important to just try to express how you feel without being rude.

  2. Good luck! I know how tiring and frustrating traveling can be. You'll hang in there. The time will pass and you'll be back home before you know it. What do you do for business, if I may ask? :)

  3. beadie; thank you and welcome to the blog. i'm in the hotel lobby. my brother accidentally drove off with my laptop. i've started reading your blog, and i love it.

    i've learned to hold my tongue, BUT i have a problem with my bro and his wife. they can push all my buttons, as family does.

    kim; my brother's company sells textbooks to private sales. i do sales. this time of year, we visit schools (most high schools) throughout the country.

    thank you for your support!!!1

  4. ha. ha. i posted under the name of the last person who used this computer. i am NOT adventurous!!!!

  5. My brother likes long lunches/dinners or anything that allows him to be a caveman and eat. I hate long lunches because I don't eat most of the food on offer and get very restless sitting down for too long. Take a book to read. If people go off at you just put your hand up and say something like "I appreciate your opinion but this is who I am. I don't do "shoulds"".

  6. Oh boy. I have no good advice. I'm probably more like your brother! For me, when things are going badly, I look forward to cuddling up with a huge meal, too. I'd just say, be patient with your brother. Entertain the notion that he may be as as unhealthy as (or unhealthier than) you about food, but isn't as self-realized as you are in that he can't see it in himself. His anger at you may be easier for him to feel than his anger at himself for overeating. See?? I think that's not good help for you.
    Hm- well, do you HAVE to go eat with him? Can you go take a walk instead? Or ask for a seat where you can look out and people watch at the airport restaurant?
    I send warmth and peace your way, sister.

  7. Linda: i'm trying to do my own thing more. what i need is the confidence to do something (everything in my life) without worrying about what the other person thinks of me. i often don't do shoulds but then feel awful and guilty and the whole thing becomes unpleasant for everyone. if i could stick to my guns with confidence, everyone would be happier.

    Danielle Mari: i've often thought that i'd really like to be more like you! alas...

    i was a rotten traveling companion -- snippy, cranky and hormonal. it IS hard when your boss is your brother!!! thanks for the good wish.

  8. You're mightier than you give yourself credit for being. I admire YOU.

  9. It's been a while, hope you're okay!

  10. lisa; thank you. i'm baaaack. but just for a few days. i can't wait until travel season is over.

    i need to figure out some new ways to get through the next two months. i've never had the greatest of coping skills (ie, drugs, alcohol, food, spending...) i need some better ones!