Thursday, April 9, 2009


i am really home? it seems impossible.

We were in Idaho, Nebraska, Chicago, Florida, New Jersey, Louisiana and back to Florida. In the last eight days. With LONG layovers in Washington, Atlanta, Seattle, New York, Chicago.

We traveled more than expected, and i ran out of clean clothes. YUCK!

My laptop died, leaving me out of touch with my world.

usually, we'd see a client in one state, head to the airport and land in some other state around midnight.

My brother and I were never quite sure where we were or what day it was.

i don't think i've ever looked so old. it scared me. i was massively sleep-deprived, dried out from airplane air AND i've been drinking the last few weeks.

drinking stops after easter, for vanity's sake alone. i really look lumpy, bloated and pale.

but so glad to be home. i slept eight beautiful hours last night. i took a bath in my own bathtub this morning.

i almost have my barings back.

i can't believe we're traveling again next week Monday thru Saturday.


  1. Traveling can be exhausting! Sounds like you survived though :)

  2. Wow, you have done a lot of traveling. I'm in the same boat- I've been all over the place in the past month.

  3. Travelling always reminds me of how old I am. And how dependent I am on hair product. And how long I can wear the same clothes for, day in and day out.

    I am always relieved to get home no matter where I have been.

  4. Florida. Florida, she says.


    Damn, girl. That's just cold.


    Just kidding. Welcome home, beautiful.

  5. kim; i did survive. an excellent point. it was a productive trip at least!

    just eat it: i know you understand how hard it is to get off the routine. one time, we traveled business class, and they kept throwing free food and drinks at me. ahhh, scarey.

    linda; exactly! a couple of times, i didn't get my luggage until the next day. once, i forgot my make-up. i had no idea how many beauty products i believe i desperately need.

    kar; i wish we'd had time to visit. we'd land at midnight (so many flight delays), drive a couple of hours to the hotel, sleep a few hours, leave at 7 am for back to back appointments, drive to the airport and get on a plane.

    one good thing -- there was no time for all the fancy meals. we grabbed stuff on the run, usually at the airport. and we were constantly running through the airports. i actually lost five pounds

    wish i could have visited!!!!!

  6. I hate traveling, you are a brave brave one!! Rest up :)

  7. Oi vey! Take a couple of you days. It's too bad everything was such a whirlwind - you went through some really pretty parts of the country.

  8. savory sweet; thanks for stopping by. traveling can suck on every level. it's nice to have support.

    lisa: sadly, we didn't see anything. ie, we were so rushed in new orleans -- we ate in the airport! at least i now know places i want to go back to.