Thursday, March 12, 2009


yesterday at 3 pm, i had Lasix surgery. this morning at 9 am, i went to my eye doctor. I already have 20/20 vision, and it's supposed to keep getting better!

when i woke up today, i put on the glasses i've worn every waking moment for years, and i couldn't see a thing. i spent most of the morning reading things -- the small print on my milk carton, the digital numbers on the clock across the room. road signs. i was even allowed to drive to my doctor's this morning.

i can't wear any face or eye make-up for a week, which is liberating. i am, however, wearing bright red lipstick. i can't play tennis or swim, but as i do neither, i'm in good shape (well, as i don't exercise, i'm not literally in good shape.) i do have to sleep with annoying goggles on for the next week, but i'll live.

the surgery wasn't too bad, although i was incredibly nervous beforehand. luckily, they gave me valium, or i really would have jumped off the table. clearly, they're taking things in and out of your eyes and apparently, one of those things is your lens itself. they also do something like create flaps in your cornea. the friend who drove me decided to watch the procedure (i don't know why), and he nearly fainted. after the surgery, i was fine, but the staff worried around him to make sure HE was all right. even today, i can't mention the procedure to him, because he'll get dizzy and need to sit down.

yesterday, i was too nervous to eat. it almost never happens that i have NO appetite AND don't have any desire to eat. i didn't have any food until i woke up from a nap at 9 pm -- not because i was restricting but because i had no interest.

i'm told i'll never have to wear glasses for nearsightedness ever again. wish Lasix could have the same positive effect it had on my compulsive eating tendencies as it did right before the procedure


  1. I'm so HAPPY for you!!! Isn't modern medicine amazing???

    How cool is that. so wonderful. In two years, the money you would have spent going to the eye doctor, glasses and contacts? The surgery would have paid for itself.

    I'm so happy for you, Melissa.

    So funny that your friend got so squeamish, LOL.

  2. I know just how your friend feels. (Though I can't imagine ever choosing to watch... *wobble*.... surgery.... hang on... gotta sit down.)

    Good for you, though! What a wonderful gift from Mom. Enjoy your eyes.

  3. karen; yes, modern medicine is pretty darn amazing. and guess what -- i think i can't go to work. we work in a warehouse that's pretty dirty and dusty, and i am specifically not allowed to go into such an environment for a whole week to protect my eyes. woo hoo!

    danielle mari: i would never have even considered watching the surgery. no thank you! it is a wonderful gift from my mother. i don't really believe in this, but i swear i felt her in the room during the procedure. maybe it was the valium, but the presence felt so strong and real.

    by the way, i'm looking forward to commenting on your last two posts. really thought provoking. i want to re-read them before i put in a word.

  4. No make up for a week - well, I figure that is a very fair deal. Enjoy reading books and looking at the world without heavy glasses on.

    Fantastic. I am so pleased for you.

  5. linda: the no make-up thing is liberating (i'm out the door in seconds), but i never realized i was quite SO blotchy and pale. my sister-in-law was going to take a group photo of us at work but decided to wait until i could wear make-up again. that was a little jarring but whatever. maybe now i'll go burn my bra (just kidding to anyone who knows me!. i'd knock out a lot of eyes.)