Wednesday, February 18, 2009

what does oprah think

i wonder what oprah thinks, day after day, when she sits next to one skinny celebrity after the next. does she think they're too thin? does she wish she looked liked like they do? even the more "normal" weight actresses like jennifer aniston are super super thin, especially in person. i just wonder what she and jay leno and jimmy kimmel think day after day.

so, i'm off to california for biz. i haven't had much time lately to write, and i really miss blogging.

i've been smoking and eating and drinking tons of coffee. i want to think about and write about false comfort. hope i have time.


  1. Oprah, being rather obsessive about her weight, would likely be deluded into being jealous of "super thin" actresses. Poperah, as I like to call her, is kind of self-aborbed, so maybe she doesn't think of them at all. I'm assuming Jimmy would make fun of them.

    Have fun in California!

  2. I think she's got the normal amount of emotion when she is next to a thin actress... She probably has a certain amount of envy, but don't we all? I do, and I've never really suffered from an ED.

    I don't think she's any more self absorbed than anyone else. Lets face it, we are an egotistical species.

    Self aware and self absorbed are two different things.

    I like Oprah.

    Tell me what celebrity who has everything done for them DOESN'T get overly egotistical from time to time? Yet Oprah still has the presence of mind and the compassion to help people. ALL people, not just black people.

    I think she rocks.

  3. You have to have an ego of sorts to be successful in Celeb World. Oprah seems relatively genuine to me and at least tries to give back to the world. Unlike some of those celebrities and dreary actors who are just all "me me me".

    If I was sitting next to any of those skinny celebs I would feel like an Oompah Loompah. I would spend the entire time wondering how that maintained that physical state. Then I would spend the next four weeks depriving myself of food before some sort of sense came back to me.

  4. While I also call her The (P)Op(e)rah, I have to admit that I feel a little defensive of her when people who've likely never really met the woman can feel comfortable criticizing who she is. Just Eat It, for example, posts that Oprah is "rather obsessive about her weight " and self-absorbed. Really? That assumption makes me wince. Yes, she's been honest and open about her (fairly common) struggle to have a healthy relationship with her body. But rather obsessive? And self-absorbed? During my time in Chicago, a couple of my friends worked for her in various capacities (a sound engineer and a tech director)-- none of them noted her obsessing about her weight. They ALL noted her constant drive for high quality hard work from herself and everyone around her. (You bet she's a whip-cracker! And sometimes to a fault.) But they also noted her unmatched generosity for those that made it through her obstacle course-- high pay scale and tons of gifts. I love the point Karen makes about the difference between self-aware and self-absorbed. Where do we draw that line?
    I do call her (P)Op(e)rah-- she seems to really think that her opinion matters.... but it DOES. To many people! Should it? Hm. I dunno. She's just a person. But, man, it must be difficult to remember that when the world constantly seems to hoist her up on a pedestal.
    I hope(rah) that she doesn't label her guests in terms of their weight. I hope(rah) that she doesn't compare her body size to them.
    I hope(rah) that she doesn't judge them or herself in that way.
    If Oprah- one of the world's most successful, intelligent, self-realized, self-made, listened-to women gets caught in that trap- what hope(rah) is there for the rest of us?!

  5. just eat it: yes,i fear she is jealous of their bodies. disturbing. i'll never really understand this thin, thin, thin thing, although i know i buy into it too. aargh.

    karen: i like oprah too. i know i'd be unbearable if i had her life. i hope i'd be generous and caring. as i do for everyone, i hope she has peace.

    linda; i'm with you. i'd feel like a jumbo next to the celeb du jour. while i was talking to them. i'm sure i'd be planning what i could cut out of my diet instantly. isn't it strange?

    danielle mari: it's interesting -- she has such power (really, doesn't our president owe a lot to her support) and i'll bet working for her isn't easy. i admire that she owns everything she's involved in. that's power! i also relate to her weight struggles, but i do think she puts too much emphasis on being thin. overall, i agree -- she's pretty real