Monday, February 9, 2009

Jessica Simpson

There's a soldier in Bagdad
who's gained a few pounds
she desperately covers
her burgeoning belly
she is with child
but no one must know
the father's a sergeant
cohabitation is wrong
For her, there's no doctor
a doctor must tell
when she miscarries,
she does it alone

There's a singer in Texas
she's gained a few pounds
maybe she's pregnant
and heavy with child
or new birth control
has bloated her up
or maybe it is pizza
one slice, then two?
if she is pregnant
congratulations to her!
if it's the pill
may it work well
if it's the pizza
i hope she enjoyed


  1. Very cool. All yours?

    Good job, hon.

  2. I really like this, especially the last stanza.

  3. :D yes, hope she enjoyed cuz it's gooood stuff!

  4. great! I'm sick of people going on about her weight gain!

  5. i just could not think of anything to say about the jessica simpson "situation", but i wanted to say something. seriously, a mediocre singer and truly talent-free actress looked heavier than she used too. how many trees died for this?

    it does bother me, by the way, that doctors in the military must report if a female soldier is sexually active with another soldier, as this is prohibited. so the soldier may not get STD testing, birth control, obstetrics care, because she fears her doctor is obliged to tell on her. no matter where a woman is, her doctor/patient relationship should be confidential!

  6. love love love this post! (first time commenting, in fact!)

    i too wrote about being sick of hearing all this shit about her weight. who the hell cares?

  7. standing in the rain: thank you for writing! i did want to say something but really didn't know what to say. i sure never thought i'd be writing about jessica simpson. now, i think about her and hope she's okay. it must be hard to be so beautiful, so known and judged for your looks. it really shows the culture we live in.