Saturday, February 7, 2009

my period and the eating disorder

my cramps have me quadrupled over. i have trouble just sitting here. headache fuzzies the brain. the words scramble on the page. advil rubs up against my ulcer.

hormones make me crazy. my skin and i don't belong together. what should i do with myself?

eating is off. i'm not hungry, yet ED wants a lot -- eat me. fill my tummy. it hurts. food soothes. i'm not hungry. fill me, fill me. no.

wouldn't it be nice to be in touch? i'm not hungry -- i don't eat. why do i want to eat when cramps have me quadrupled over, and i have trouble just sitting here?

tell me, ED, what is wrong with you?


  1. ed finds a way to rationalize everything. for every emotion or event, Ed wants the same thing for everything. I can totally realte with the ED, not so much on the period. mother nature is kind to me.

    hope your feeling better.

  2. Eating = comfort. Your body is crying out for comfort of any kind. I'm sorry. I have difficult periods too. I find that they do ease up next time around if I don't take anything stronger than ibuprofen.

    A hot bath helps too. Floating in hot water, just relaxing. Aromatic bubbles, and candlelight. Lots of water with a slice of lemon.

    Feel better, sweetie.

  3. 1986chick; yes, i'm hormonal, so i'm a little weepy. i read what you write on this blog, and i am comforted and feel connected. when i read your blog, it can make me sad. i hope i don't scare you away. you seem to understand the rottenness of Eds. do you understand why i am saddened? i hope you respond. i'm not criticizing, but i know i'm taking a risk. perhaps one that crosses a line.

    karen; you're the best. last month, i had the easiest period i've had in my life. while this one sucks, at least it came on the weekend. i've had the last three periods while on business trips. i nearly ruined a Quality Inn comforter.

    i am enjoying reading, writing, more reading, hot baths, napping. i like the lemon slices and candle idea. ya know, i have nothing to do right now....