Tuesday, May 10, 2011

perfect days off; perfect eating

i just had four days off in a row. bliss.

i slept beautifully and lengthily every night. ahhhh. great sleep tops everything, if you ask me.

my eating was easy, gentle and intuitive. i ate what i wanted, when i was hungry. and if i wasn't hungry and felt like a cookie or some potato chips, i had some. but i really didn't have cravings or any desire to use food emotionally.

i realize how much more comfortable i am in the world. i did very little over the four days but i swear, i enjoyed each moment of each day.

i savored my morning coffee, spent glorious hours in bookstores, got a manicure, took long bubble baths, read wonderful books, went for walks, took myself out for lunch one day and dinner another.

i also lead an AA meeting, helped facilitate a workshop and attended a really good AA meeting, all with very nice people.

there was nice time with the guy i'm seeing. and we helped an elderly friend move to assisted living, which was emotional, but i'm glad we could help.

four perfect days.

i didn't cringe about coming back to work until 4 am this morning, when my eyes popped open, and i realized i wasn't going to be sleeping in today.

i'm now tired and my usual grumpy BUT i know i didn't waste one second of my time off. and there will be other days. heck, Saturday is just four days away. zzzzzzz


  1. This is so great! I hope you get to have more days off like this soon!

  2. AWESOME!!!! stay strong babe!!


  3. This sounds great :-) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Loved everything about this post! You are getting very good at taking care of yourself. You Go:)

  5. I think sleep is awesome as well, tops for me! And you should be commended that you didn't stress about going back to work until the morning of. Every week my Sunday is ruined by 5pm. :) And I too love days off that aren't overly obligated to anyone but yourself. Bliss.

  6. Aah, sounds wonderful. Relaxing days off of work can be so rejuvenating.