Monday, May 23, 2011

Great Career Search Suggestions

Linda at (can someone remind me how to link? please)wrote a terrific blog about the career search. she has great questions to ask yourself and brings in some new points i hadn't heard before.

What i particularly like is: she asks you to think about what you're always complimented for, what you do 99% better than anyone else and how you might get paid to do these things. i have a hard time figuring out what i'm good at. it helps to see it from someone else's point of view -- what others say i do well.

Linda also warns not to say you hate your current job, because unless you've recently won the lottery, you most likely need this job and it's serving a real purpose. it's important to see what's good in it, so you really CAN feel more positively about it.

What are you doing in your current job that's preparing you for your next step?

Use your free time to go after your dreams. as she says, if you're channel-surfing on your couch every night, stop it right now.

these are just a few of her suggestions -- i heartily suggest you go to her blog to find out more, if you're in the same place career-wise that i am. i know i was inspired. and felt better about where i am right now.



  1. -am currently using my free time to sit on my couch and channel surf. Oops!


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  3. i am eating chocolate and having a big glass of red wine watching Dancing with the Stars....go Kirstie!!!!

  4. anonymous; thank you for making me laugh. ah, memories.