Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey and Whine

Today at work everyone talked about recipes and grocery shopping. Tomorrow, everyone will feast on all the trimmings. Friday, they'll come in to work complaining about how much they ate.

They'll also bring in many of their leftovers, hoping to give away calories. What if everyone gives their leftovers away ? Do we just keep passing around leftovers?

I don't really get the whole food thing anymore. What's so exciting? it's not that i want to binge or starve -- i just can't get that worked up about cranberry sauce and giblet gravy.

do i sound grumpy? i'm not. i think. maybe i'm just lazy. all the running around in traffic and packed supermarkets. all that cooking. all that eating and eating and then complaining about aforementioned eating.

and yes, (i am very lazy) all that clean up. Thanksgiving can seem like one endless chore.

on a day off, i'd rather sleep and read and take a bath and catch up with friends and then maybe meet buddies for a nice meal, without clumpy gravy.

harrumph. wait until Christmas -- I am Susie Scrooge. don't get me started on leftover Christmas cookies.



  1. oh my! lol you're funny. i hear ya on the chaos of thanksgiving. i celebrated canadian thanksgiving in hosp this year. go me. no, i did not eat turkey. i likely had jevity and cottage cheese. :P

    but cmas!!! i'm ALL about the hustle and bustle. i love it and i love the day and the smells. the only thing is the absolute let down on boxing day that the season is over and personal consumerism takes over during a season of giving. *shrug*

    happy thanksgiving, i hope its not too bad for ya. :)

  2. Yep they do go all out. I guess if you binge it's a little hard to get worked up for a "socially acceptable" binge. I try to hard to hide it and for it to be out there and open, well that's not a good thing.

  3. LOL! Take a look at my blog... two sides of the same coin! I'm sending non-food-related Thanksgiving love your way. Is it bad that you grumpy makes me kinda giggle? Or is that a gift?

  4. I had to go to at least 4 different stores to get all of the stuff for my boss's Thanksgiving. It did get totally overwhelming for me and I kind of lost it yesterday. Today has been relaxing. You're right - the whole food thing is out of control. It takes days to cook it all and about 15 minutes to have everyone eat it all.

  5. I'm starting to feel that way too... I'm glad I only have to make part of the dinner these days, and lug it over to my daughter's house to share with many other people. I ate like crazy today, but only one plate. I left before the wine was served, and left before dessert. I made the excuse that my poor dog had been left alone all day, which was true, but in reality, I just wanted to be alone. But not really. But yeah, I wanted to be in my own house.

  6. I know what you mean! All of that food just overwhelms me, and this time of year it seems that everything revolves around food. It is hard. I hope that you were able to relax on Thanksgiving, and not work too hard. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead:)

  7. "Susie Scrooge"--ha! Never heard it before, but that's totally me, too. We're not alone, though--there's a lot of us out there!