Monday, November 8, 2010

i didn't weigh myself this morning!

i didn't weigh myself this morning. that's a first in a very, very long time. this is progress!

i don't know why this morning was different than any other, but i love it.

every morning but this one, i wake and wonder what that metal goon is going to tell me when i jump on it. then i pee, twice if i think it will help, force myself to brush my teeth (i'm like a kid who can't wait to open presents) and off i go to the closet where i "hide" the scale. as we all know, the number sets the tone of the entire day.

not today. i decided not to get on and then went about my morning routine. the sky didn't fall, my pants fit, i had the same ride to work and my colleagues greeted me hello. everything is just like it is every other day of the year, even though i didn't weigh myself.

that's a lot of cool information. i wish i knew why i didn't care this morning. it wasn't even difficult. do i actually believe i'm more than the sum of my pounds? whoa. i really do have much bigger fish to fry and perhaps, i'll even eat fried food.


  1. Yay! So good to hear you broke the cycle :) I really think it just takes a few days like this to get going on breaking the habit. You build positive momentum and confidence and realize you really don't need the scale. Like you said, the sky doesn't fall, pants fit, etc. We give way too much power to the scale! Since doing my weight gain challenge thing, I've been weighing once a week. A few times, I've almost forgotten. That, I think, is progress :)

  2. Woot, major kudos! I know this is a very hard habit to resist, very nice win for the day!

  3. I'm always impressed by anyone who doesn't weigh themselves every day. I weigh myself more than once a day. Sigh. Good for you, I admire you!

  4. Wow welldone, that's such an important thing to try to break free from. It probably won't happen all at once but small steps help in the long run. I wish you the best of luck!!! Xxx

  5. Good for you! You will be able to break the habit eventually. Just take it one day at a time. You're having success, and that's important. It's a bad way to start of one's day by feeling demoralized over those numbers. I don't own a scale, which helps eleviate the problem.

  6. kim; wow that it IS progress. as i've said before, your process inspires me. you made me see it's possible. thank you.

    cammy; it is SUCH a hard habit to resist, which almost feels silly (i accidentally wrote "sad" the first time. freudian.) as you said on your blog, weights fluctuate depending on if you ate salt or ....whatever. pounds seem to go up and down for no reason. yet, so many us give so much power to the number the scale decides to put up that day, myself included. hm

    harriet; not weighing myself just popped up out of the blue. i hadn't planned it. i just couldn't take it monday morning. i didn't feel like dealing with a number when i didn't feel dealing with going to work, or going out into the cold or the bad coffee i'd made. i decided to take the scale out the equation. it's been three days, and i'm still okay. who knows what happens tomorrow.

    lucy sparrow; thanks for writing! i appreciate your support. it is a slow process. like with alcohol, i'm taking it one day at a time. i'm just worried that if get back on the scale, i'll get back in the habit of the daily weigh in. we'll see. look forward to reading your blog.

    jen daisybee; great name! and thank you for stopping by and commenting. you're right -- it's terribly demoralizing to live a day based on the fluctuating numbers of a scale. i'm so impressed that you don't own a scale. i didn't for a while, but then i'd always find somewhere to weigh myself. ah, if only the world could be scale-free.