Saturday, October 17, 2009

life change Part 1

the business travel season starts with a vengeance. leaving for the west coast at 5am tomorrow. and then it's pretty consistent through X-mas. i'm really tired of it. it's time for me to dig in and make some life changes.

i've never found a fulfilling career. for years, i put mad energy into finding my soul's work -- seminars, career counselors, job changes. i'd read everything about every job possible and i applied to grad school many, many, many times in many different fields. i never went, BUT i did get into one Ivy league law school. that was my best moment careerwise.

i've been a human resources manager, a casting assistant, an executive recruiter, an events coordinator and now, i'm a sales manager. NONE of these jobs fit me or fulfilled me.

as many of you know, a few years ago a while my parents were dying, my life detoured into drugs and alcohol.

coming back from that, i was just able to put one foot in front of the other and head to my therapist and groups. as i was started to function, my brother let me come and answer his phones. in time, i started making sales calls. i've never liked it, but it's kept me employed, and i am GRATEFUL.

now, i'm feeling...almost confident. i'm telling myself that i have the strength and ability to do whatever i want. it used to scare me. now, i'm a little excited.

so, i'll be a traveling gal. don't know how much time i'll have for blogging. i'm planning to check in as much as possible. food on the road is never easy. BUT, i do feel more confident. if i don't write, i'll be thinking of you all and wishing you peace.

i hope it's warm in california


  1. have a very safe and productive trip and just plan to leave your scale behind.


  2. It's definitely warm (too warm, I think) in Southern CA right now!
    I'm with you on the career hunt. I don't know what will fulfill me. Maybe I'm idealizing and fantasizing too much. Being laid off is giving me some time to think about this one...
    Travel safe and have fun!

  3. thank you for your good wishes and great advice.

    i'm traveling lite this week. leaving home curlers, multiple outfit changes, most of my make-up.

    my books always weigh the most. in the past ti would have said "they weigh a lot, better them than me." now, i more interested in carrying my own weight on this trip.

    thanks again.

  4. My part of CA is warm, but gray and wet.

  5. Be safe and Be happy!! Traveling scares me so much, even though i enjoy it once i get going.

    I feel you on the career thing, glad to know im not alone in that.
    take care

  6. Hate those 5 am flights. Glad to know someone else has also struggled with career choice---don't you envy those people who get good grades, find a major they like, and presto at 24 they are a vet or whatever and their whole life is set!

    Perhaps this will lead to something you really do want to do.....(keep hoping that will happen to Cow)

    Happy travelling!