Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Heart Tied with String

i love this blog, A Heart Tied with String is a Pretty Thing,, I hope you all will check it out.

The author is an amazing artist. her pictures of women, struggling with body image, self-esteem and life in general, tell many stories -- some sad, some disturbing, and always evocative. i often feel she tells my story.

i love her last post, "uh, do these bones make my hips look wide?". hope you'll go see it.



  1. Wow. She is amazing. Her art is really poignant. I did find some of the images triggering, though.

  2. She is awesome. I love her perspective on things. Like addiction. like how we all congratulate ourselves on losing that last pound we lost. When it's an addiction.

    She's awesome. I need to absorb some more before I can comment on her stuff. And her painting blows me away.

  3. A good blog. All those feelings that go with body image and eating issues. They never really go away - they just hang around in the background waiting for the ideal opportunity to slip in again.

  4. Thank you guys for checking out my blog. I appreciate it - and thank you, Melissa, for all of your support. it means so much.

  5. Hi Weight...
    interesting blog...many thoughts to process and examine here....Thanks for your insights...

  6. sayhealth; i appreciate your comments. her blog doesn't trigger me. but many other things do. THANK YOU for writing. i really like reading your blog. insightful, personal, well-written AND informative.

    karen; you felt the same way i did. i'm amazed when someone can relay so much through a drawing/painting/sketch. i can't draw anything, so i suppose that ups my awe, but it's truly impressive anyway. i can feel so many emotions from her work -- and i feel it my belly, my bones, my head.

    linda; it's hard for me to accept that those feelings never quite go away. it seems to piss me off particularly today. maybe because i also have a bladder infection, and i'm thinking that if i have to deal painful pee i should NOT have to tolerate lurking bad body image.

    ghost girl; i have appreciated your work on so many levels, from the first time i came upon your blog.

    topiary cow; thanks for stopping by. i enjoy your blog so much. your comments on linda's blog always crack me up (in a thought-provoking way, of course.) in general, i read about EDs (eating disorders, to the lay man or lay cow, as the case may be), but i decided i really had to check out your blog. SO glad i did.