Sunday, August 2, 2009

the scale: a tough time getting off

does anyone have any ideas how to help me stop weighing myself? does one day at a time help? did anyone go "cold turkey"?

each night, i tell myself i will not weigh the next day, but upon waking, i pee (of course) and pop off to the scale.

every day there's a new reason just to have a little peek. how can i put aside all my excuses and respect myself enough to start my day sans scale?

this weekend was busy with events -- my cousins wedding and my boyfriend's fathers birthday (a buffet.) my cousin's was easier, because the foods weren't my favorites. somehow, that took the "pressure" off. i ate enough to curb my hunger and then got busier re-connecting with family. the buffet was hard -- no matter how much i watched, i ate more than i like in a normal day. and it was at 4 -- a weird time for me to eat.

do i need more help with this? because i am a normal weight and don't binge, purge or starve, perhaps i think i'm doing better than i am.

it's getting really old. i am tired of having my days and nights ruled by food and weight. BUT AM I TIRED ENOUGH TO LET IT GO?


  1. hmmmm ... here's something even i may even consider ... hide the scale in a place of inconvenient access ..... say, the trunk of your car ... imagine negotiating six flights every morning for that weigh in ... actually it's more like twelve flights if you return upstairs, then add another six if you're heading out the door for the day.

  2. OK, want to pick a day? One day this week? You and I won't get on the scale for the whole day.

    The thought terrifies me. But it's only one day. I couldn't do one minute more.

    You pick the day. I promise I'll stick to it.

  3. anonymous elsie; what about the attic? i'm never going up there!

    harriet; thank you. how is tuesday? i promise i'll stick to it too. this is kind of a relief. it is terrifying, though. thank you, thank you.

  4. i was the exact same way.
    i used to take comfort in knowing that whatever number it was, at least id know how bad it was. then one day i decided i wasnt happy being a slave.

    just do what i do, and put the scale somewhere out of reach so that you have to work to get it down and actually think about what youre doing. or, take the batteries out and hide them.

    if you need any help with anything, im always willing.

    XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

  5. When I wanted to stop weighing, the only thing that worked for me was to tell my husband to throw away the scale. I knew I wouldn't buy a new one. I'm lazy...and cheap. Of course, like with any "addiction," I had to figure out why it was so important for me to step on in the first place. What is it about the number that is so alluring? Why is the world so scary without it? I don't have all the answers, but I did manage to break the unhealthy thing with the scale. I think you can do it!

  6. I had to go cold turkey on it and I feel so much better because of it. That mental/emotional game is gone each day and I feel free to just live. I had my husband hide it from me so I have no idea where it is. I would have to go rooting around the bedroom to find it and wake up the whole house to do so and it isn't worth all that to me to feel like crap all day.

  7. sophia; thank you. great ideas. tomorrow is my scale-free day. it would be a good idea to dismantle it. i'm wondering if i'll have the courage to toss it out.

    re; your blog. i've been reading it. my opinions might rile up your readers. do you mind if i comment?

    kim; thank you for believing in me! tossing the scale is my goal. i can't believe how much the idea scares me. i hear the voice of my ED saying, "no, no, no". i hear my mother's voice begging me to stay skinny. but i also hear myself -- i really can't take it anymore.

    christie; i just asked my boyfriend if he would hide the scale or throw it out. he said he preferred to hide it. i think i'd rather he'd throw it out. knowing it's somewhere might bug me. but my dear bf doesn't like to throw anything out. if it bugs me too much, i'll let him know. we'll see...

  8. GO cold turkey and don't look back. I have been off it cold turkey since Easter. It felt good to know the exact date that I stopped so that I have a goal or something like that. Throw it out, don't hide it because you'll always be tempted. Knowing that its up in your attic lurking !

  9. Hey, sorry I'm in a big rush... your mail isn't on your profile, could you pleeeease email me so I can invite you to my blog? I had to make it private, but I don't want to lose a valued bloggy friend like you!

    Thanks :)

    Good luck with the battle of the scale Mel xxx

  10. Throw the damn thing out! Otherwise it will call to you from the bathroom, or the closet, or wherever it is you keep/hide it. Just throw it out, better yet, smash it and cause it the same misery it has caused you.

  11. I have read this through properly now - I hate popping onto blogs I love in a hurry :| grr..

    I hope your scale free day went ok.

    I really hope you can get that scale up there in that attic! You're doing SO well, you really are... the scale obsession, it's not to be belittled, it's another facet of the ED on a par with Starving/Bingeing/Purging... you CAN beat this one too...I know it :D x

  12. I cut out a cardboard scale and put it down where the scale was. On it I wrote "Just Right". The simple act of getting on that cardboard helped me get over it. It's been almost 6 day's since I last weighed myself and I'm feeling much better. I have not even had to get on the new "scale" in two days. Good Luck! You can do it!

  13. anonymous: congratulations. it's been a long time since easter -- wow!

    my boyfriend hid the scale and trust me, i won't be getting it. i didn't weigh myself today. it was harder than i thought. but i did it. thank you for your help

    laura; great advice. you know, i've been so busy, and my boyfriend did something with the thing. i don't have the urge to smash it -- anyway, it's gone. i want to see it for what it is. a thing. thank you too for your help.

    abi; i'm i tried to get to your blog to give you my email, but duh, you haven't been able to email me to invite me. hope you get this. and

    you are so right (what a great point) the scale is just another facet of the Ed. just like everything else. i'm having an "aha" moment.

    eating alone; what a brilliant idea. "just right".

    i'm finally home after two long, long days and one's without much computer access. i must go read your blog to see if you write about it. keep up the great work. hope we can check in together to give each other support.

  14. I didn't weigh myself at all today. I'm going to sleep now, so that when I wake up I can use the scale. It was so hard!

  15. Harriet: thank you for writing and thank you for staying off the scale with me. i think i would have given in and weighed myself if i didn't know you were with me.

    get a good sleep. we deserve it!

  16. I couldn't have done it if it wasn't for the fact that I knew you were doing it too, and feeling like I was feeling.

    But although I don't want to do this again anytime soon, maybe I should attempt to try it once a week. Baby steps, you know?