Monday, August 6, 2012

Observing Food and Weight

I do study how other women react to food and eating and their bodies.

Misery around food and weight ruled so many years of my life, i'm fascinated by what others experience/d.

From the Biggest Loser to the Food Network and everything/one in between, what do we think and feel?

Today, when I got the Post Office, I asked the woman behind the window how she was and she said, "i'm great now, i just had the best BLT". and she beamed. No guilt.

My boss talked about Taco Bell ALL morning. She couldn't wait for lunch and kept reminding me over and over what she wanted and how she wanted it ordered. "I can't even wait for lunch" rang out all morning.

Once i brought the food back, she gulped it happily until it was gone and then, "i'm so full. i can't believe i ate all that. i'm so fat".

It's "i'm so fat", that rang out all afternoon.

Our bookkeeper, Mavis, eats with love and joy -- lots and lots of fried food. She's diabetic and has high blood pressure and cholestrol, but that's her doctor's problem -- Mavis loves her food, and she couldn't care less that she's a large woman.

i have another colleague who's on The Cookie Diet -- all she eats is special cookies all day and then protein and vegetables at night.

My friend is on Weight Watchers, my cousin does Atkins.

I'm fascinated.

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