Saturday, December 11, 2010

DUI checkpoint

On the way home from an evening out last night, I was stopped at a DUI checkpoint and then randomly selected for further inspection. I had pullover, speak to an officer and have my car checked.

off i headed to the inspection area, where the policeman sniffed my breath, asked me a bunch of questions and flashed his flashlight all over my car.

all was fine, of course, except the officer was stupified that anyone would choose to just drink lemonade on a Friday night!

it was late and i was glad to leave the area and head home to bed. it hits me now that all around me at the checkpoint, drivers were being delayed and made to step out of their cars. one guy looked fairly intoxicated.

that so easily could have been me. i often drove home (very carefully) after a few drinks, knowing that if i were stopped, i would have had too many. during all that time, i never encountered a DUI checkpoint. it wouldn't have been good.

reason number 2 million to never drink again!!!!!

i was pretty darn proud of myself.


  1. I'm so proud of you too! I've never had that happen thank God because there are so many times I would have been in big trouble! I'm really struggling with not drinking right now. So many holiday happy hours and parties. I slipped last weekend, and it was not pretty. At least a friend drove me home. You are such an inspiration to me!

  2. Wow! I have never been in a DUI checkpoint. Sounds kind of scary, even if you weren't drinking!

    So glad you could recognise the benefits of living sober :)

  3. I've never seen a DUI checkpoint, and if I was ever stopped I think it could be bad news for me. I don't even know what the legal limit is here. I should buy a breathalizer to keep in my car, but I guess if I think I ever really need one it means I really need to not drive!

  4. angela; wow, thank you. i wonder, have you ever considered swinging by AA? maybe you have. the people are so nice and supportive. and it really helps with my eating disorder. i'm not an OA fan, but i really love AA. and you can go and not be abstinent. i've thought about you when i'm there. anyway, just a thought

    lisalisa; it was scarey because i was tired and i'm not a particularly great driver. but it was cool to be fearless in my sobriety. there are so many benefits to this sober life. so many.

    harriet; one glass of wine makes me stupid. i would have been in a lot of trouble just a few months ago. and i don't look good in stripes! i felt sorry for the people around me who were being asked to step out of their cars, etc., even though its so dangerous to drink and drive.

    not drinking is really nice for me, but reality does rear it's head.

  5. Great job! Things like this often hit home, when you know this could have been you. I'm so glad you were able to abstain. It reminds you how much power you do have and how far you have come.

  6. tiptoe; thank you. in one week i'll have 90 days sober. that's a big milestone in AA. i am really pleased. it's all worth it. the changes are unbelievable, meaning even I can hardly believe them.

    may 2011 bring great things for all of us.

  7. That is really great! You should feel proud of yourself, people don't realize how hard it is to quit something, and how much pride it gives you to make these little (big) milestones from time to time. What a relief it must have been, driving home. Good for you!

  8. My drink of choice, Diet Coke. Not cause of the low calories I just like the taste better.

    I'm very proud of you 90 days is HUGE!!! Congrats.

  9. karen; you are so right. it was a HUGE relief. i've thought about it ever since. and feel so lucky. my life (knock wood) is getting better and better. i can't even believe it.

    i don't get to read your blog as much as i want because i do much of my blogging at work (don't tell anyone!) and i forget to turn the sound off...i hope to have more time at home! i am thinking about you and so glad you're back in bloggie world.

    Eating Alone; good for you. i do love diet coke. wish it were my original drink of choice. but i'm good. hope you're well!

  10. I'm proud of you, too. But man, I hate the idea of being randomly selected at a checkpoint if there's no reason to suspect you've been drinking. Like is that the best use of taxpayer dollars? Have all the child molesters been caught? Have all the cold case files been solved?

    Don't get me going... (again) XOXO