Sunday, October 31, 2010

why i want to eat

it's 11 pm. i had a beautiful weekend. lovely. went out for a nice meal and ate a fair amount more than normal at around 8 pm, but that's okay. it's the weekend, i'll eat moderately tomorrow -- no big deal. after dinner, came home and watched some nice, cozy tv and now it's time for bed and i want to eat.

why on earth? i had a beautiful weekend with lots of sleep and.... ah, i don't want the weekend to end. i don't want to get up early and go to work and start the work week and have it be monday.

now i know. and i can snack or not, with some new knowledge. now i know.


  1. night time is very hard for me too. That wanting feeling. Good luck, and remember that no matter what happens you/your body still deserves to be fed the next day!

  2. When I want more to eat or drink I brush my teeth and go to bed. It usually works for me.

    But maybe you need to listen to your body - it wanted some food. Time of day really shouldn't matter, should it?