Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I haven't blogged much lately -- work and life have gotten in the way. That's not such a good thing. Blogging grounds me, for a lack of a better word, spiritually. When i'm not blogging, writing, and connecting, i start to get away from myself. Soon I'm sweating the small things and worrying about stuff that wraps me up in knots.

The next few days are going to be long and fairly unfulfilling -- work can get like that. But work pays the bills.

I've decided that i need to set some goals which will help bring some spiritual nourishment (if you will) back into my life. Starting next week, when things calm down, i'm going to blog every day. And, I'm going to apply for class, non-matriculated, in a field that interests me.

When i feel myself slipping, i'm going to honor those goals -- by doing them. And that's a great goal


  1. I love your goals! Goals ground me. I feel like I need to write them out pretty often or I get caught up in "normal" life and get complacent. Keep at it :)

  2. I'll look forward to reading your daily blog :)

    Good goals. Sounds like you know what you need. Good for you!

  3. Goals are fantastic. They give focus and take the mind from other stuff. It is interesting to hear your thoughts on blogging. When I started, well, I just did it. Looking back at the 3.5 plus years ago that I started I realise how important it has been to me.

    If you read your first posts and then compared them to now - how far you have come. It is fantastic.

  4. I love personal goals. I have to make professional goals every year, but I also add personal goals that are concrete and actually doable. Can't wait to hear about the class that you sign up for.

  5. Goals sound like a great idea! I know when i am having ahard time blogging always pulls me through it. The class sounds interesting- sounds liek a great way to get out of your head for a litte while!

  6. Cool! You know.... improv classes might be fun :D The rules of improv make GREAT rules for life-living and life-loving.

    No matter what you choose, I am sure it will be a great journey! Keep on keeping on!

  7. kim; i've NEVER been goal-oriented. this is a good change. i want to start with writing and a course and then see what else i want for myself. hmm.; isn't it interesting -- those times when we know what we need to do. i'll see that clearly occassionally. other times, i can get very lost. i like the clarity!

    linda; thank you. blogging has helped me sort a lot out. sometimes when i just don't what on earth to do about how i'm feeling, i'll blog. i almost always find clarity.

    kristina; i have not focussed on anything professionally in a long time. i've been working for my brother, doing something that doesn't interest me much. it's been a good break, but i'd like to do something that stokes my passion. a class feels like a good idea, indeed.

    lisalisa; i've been thinking about what you wrote here. yes, it would be great for me to get out of my head some. i do reside there QUITE frequently. it can get intense, right?

    danielle mari; improv class sounds really cool. what a great idea -- thank you so much. nice to hear from you. i've been LOVING your blogs.

  8. Goals are good, you just have to be sure that you don't consider yourself a failure if you don't meet them. That's my problem. Goals should be flexible!

  9. harriet; thank you for the reminder. right now, i feel like i have to get myself on track. my life hasn't been terribly fulfilling lately. i'm hoping that by blogging, i'll figure some things out. and taking a course will help me get moving forward. i've been a little stagnate.

    we're so hard on ourselves. i'll screege at myself for things like putting eyeliner on badly. a reminder -- we need to be a little gentle with ourselves! gentle, gentle, gentle