Thursday, July 23, 2009

on the road and out of sorts

i'm in alaska. i'm out of touch with my body.

i don't know if i'm hungry or tired or would feel better if i had a drink (i'm not drinking!). i am taking ambien again (damn).

before i left on this crazy business trip from new jersey to texas to alaska in four days (and leaving for new jersey tonight. 12 more hours of travel, returning on the red eye), i was in the best place of my life: i slept without sleeping pills (!), bought and started riding my FIRST bicycle, ate well and was enjoying my ever better relationship with my boyfriend.

just a few days later, nothing's in place. all this flying and time zone switching (we're now four hours earlier than home) has frightened my comfort zone, particularly as i just can't tell if i'm hungry or full or just tired and nauseous.

i'll be home tomorrow morning. i may not feel great for a day or two, but i'll be back on that bike and ready to roll back into good health.

aside from all this crankiness, seeing new places is cool. Alaska is extraordinary --the air, the mountains. After our meeting, we'll have time to explore. It's a whole different world.

Hope everyone's well. Back soon.


  1. Hi! Got your comment on my blog! I'd love to meet up in September/October. My email is so you can reach me there directly :)

    I hope you're enjoying Alasak! Jet lag and fatigue are hard for EVERYONE. I get so anxious during those "out of sorts" days. I think, "What if I'm like this every day?" Of course, that never happens!

  2. I've never been to Alaska, but it sounds beautiful! I find that when taken out of my little bubble, I struggle, too. It's that whole problem-with-change thing. I hope you can get back on track once you get home and wish you the best of luck with that. :D

  3. Kim's right, all the travelling (and work stuff) would make anyone out of sorts, I'm sure you will come back and everything will settle into place again :) woohooo for the bike! :D

    Alaska is a place I'd love to go some day...

  4. Enjoy your time right now. Don't worry about all the other stuff. It has no answer about it. It just is. You know what it feels like to get back on track - so if you are out of sorts, you know the way back.

    Go to to inspire you to pedal more often.

  5. hey all; thanks for your comments. your words perked me up during the trip. it's great to have friends!