Monday, July 8, 2013

Changing my Relationship with Food

my relationship with food has been, uh, dysfunctional to say the least.  for most of my life, it was my everything -- mother, lover, sister, friend. If there was food, i wanted it -- no matter what time it was, what it was or if i was even hungry.
i see that's changed, with a lot of work. i've learned that food does nothing for me but nourish me. i'm delighted if it tastes nice, but that's about it.
in some ways, i mourn a more loving relationship. some folks love food and eat a normal amount and get great pleasure from eating, but that doesn't work for me.
for me, food is and has to be practical. i need to find pleasure in other things -- friends, leisure, intellectual challenge, nature......
Many people don't understand my relationship with food. it doesn't excite me. if you take me out to a fancy restaurant, i like being waited on and the prettiness, but i'm not into the food in particular. 
fabulous food doesn't rock my world. i do like it to taste good, but that's about it.
is, i wonder, my relationship still dysfunctional?


  1. I can relate to this so much
    Food has been a constant in my life
    When everything was changing
    When my parents split up
    When I was lonely, sad or scared
    Food was there
    I either turn to it or turn away from it
    But it is always a problem
    I find it hard to strike a balance
    It's either too much or not enough x

  2. ruby-tuesday. yes, i know what you mean. food is everything or food is nothing, at different times, although it's sort of the same -- food plays a dysfunctional role in our lives.

    in my own life, i wouldn't say that i am exactly turning away from food -- i eat food i like, and i eat enough to maintain a perfectly healthy weight. i just don't make it anything much more than nourishment. and i wonder if that's the healthiest. should i be enjoying it as much as my friends who get excited for birthday cake and Thanksgiving and barbecues?

    hmmm, food IS confusing. take good care and thank you!