Monday, January 18, 2010

something gets done

there are so many crummy messages out there that encourage the skinny/diet crazy. it get overwhelming, and i worry there's no chance to change things.

i was heartened when i got this response to my post (two posts ago) about cvs advertising laxatives in the weight loss section. good to know someone's watching. here's what i got:

Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt said...
We're glad this product (mis)placement triggered your concern, as our concern was also triggered! By highlighting this product as part of the "shape up & save" category, CVS inadvertently suggested that using laxatives is an appropriate and healthy way to lose weight. While we doubt CVS's intention was to support, or suggest, eating disorder behaviors and tendencies, we feel that compaines have an obligation to understand what their marketing practicies are suggesting to their companies.

We reached out to CVS about this issue, in hopes that harmful ads such as this will be removed from circulation and a dialogue can be started around responsible retail actions as they relate to eating disorder prevention, awareness and treatment.

now i have to figure out what i can do.


  1. this is really great!
    I often wonder what I can do. I feel so small, just one person who can barely change her own life.
    National Eating Disorder Awareness and Prevention Week is coming up in Feb. Maybe there is something going on in your community you could get involved in?

  2. That's cool. I just read about a new initiative about getting kids on to diets and exercise early in life. It can help some people I'm sure but I'm so worried about the ED stuff now any diet drives me nuts.

  3. I try not to notice the stupid diet ads this time of year. Most are just stupid, this one is in bad taste. I am trying to minimize my participation in the insanity, and other than my time in the gym, most of it isn't part of my world.

  4. That is really good! you've made a real difference!! Thats wonderful that they are going to contact CVS. Hopefully they do something about it now.