Sunday, January 10, 2010


i just watched the local NBC New York 11 pm news, with Chuck Scarborough and Sue Simmons on NBC. Here's what I saw:

The first segment was dedicated to Sue, as this marked her 30th year on the program. I saw pictures of her first show and a nice montage of highlights over the years. I learned that Sue is semi-famous for her spot-on imitation of a groundhog, which she demonstrates every Feb. 2. she was generous enough to show it off this evening as well

The second feature was about Michael Jackson, his doctor, the old charges of pedophilia, etc. After the segment, Sue again received congratulations from the news team.

After the next commercial, we heard about the investigation into Brittany Murphy's death. Then the weather guy came on, gave kudos to Sue, and highlighted what we'd see about weather after the commercial breat.

before the show ended, we got weather, sports, more hosannas to Sue and "goodnight, the tonight show with conan o'brien is next."

Conan's monologue covered a lot more news then i'd seen in the previous 35 minutes with Chuck and Sue.

Much as I've always enjoyed kooky Sue Simmons, does anyone know there's a war going on? there must be something more important in New York to report than a lovely reel of sue's hairdos over the last 30 years?

Maybe the anchors could just read to us directly from People magazine.


  1. I hate "the news." I feel like it's gotten so bad in terms of just being filled of "human interest" stories, propaganda, advertising, and scare tactics meant to drive to some product. I actually feel much more positive about the world now that I never watch the news :)

  2. sorry i have nothing more to contribute than an emoticon.
    i love the way you write, btw.

  3. yeah, I hear ya! When I lived in Salt Lake and used to watch the local Fox channel, half of their news was about last night's American Idol!
    I guess the general public doesn't seem to want "real news" anymore?

  4. I agree, and that is precisely why I won't watch the stupid news. If they aren't baffling us with bullshit, they are lying. So why bother?

    Great post, as always.

  5. I swear to God, our morning news has more coverage of Dancing with the Stars than anything reported in the paper. I often look at the giggling young, blonde anchor chick and think if anything serious like another 9/11 happened, they've have to yank her out in a second and replace her with someone with half a brain.

  6. arexisaurus; i also enjoy that sue partakes of a tasty beverage or two between broadcasts!