Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pride Goeth Before the Fall....really

you may know that i've been poking around for new job opportunities. (at the new age of 46, it feels a little different. but that's another post.)

in my quest, i started thinking about things i really like. like hair and make-up, for example. so, i've talked to folks at beauty schools, i'll be chatting with an acquaintance who's a make-up artist tomorrow , i'm reading karen's blog,the pitfalls of life, (she's a fabulous stylist in florida. if you live there, go see her!), to follow stories about the world of hair salons.

recently, i started shmoozing the ladies at the make-up counters at a couple of different macy's. i've made friends at Lancone, Elizabeth Arden and Estee Lauder thus far. turns out they get salary, commission AND benefits when they work full-time. there's also part-time -- if i wanted to see if i like it, that could be an option.

i'm actually a little proud of myself (and that's something for me.) i'm networking and calling and gently asking for help. people have been, in general, very, very nice and helpful. it's exciting.

recently, i looked at myself and thought -- isn't it amazing that just a little over two years ago i was living at my brothers, lying on his couch, too anxious and shaking to even dial the phone. now, i realize -- i can be a make-up artist; my hands don't shake!!!!

in all of this job-hunting, i've felt -- fearless.

until yesterday.

yesterday, i went to Macy's to visit my new friend Evelyn at Estee Lauder. We were having a lovely conversation, and i found myself chatting up her manager and asking about how to join the Estee Lauder team, after all i have tons of sales experience, blah, blah, blah.

wow, i was the textbook interviewee -- outgoing, friendly, selling myself subtly. everyone was talking to me.

did i mention it was hot in macy's last night? did i mention i had on long underwear, a big turtleneck, a leather blazer AND my coat (it's been 20 degrees here!). have i written that i had a really bad, heavy period and i was even wondering if i'm a little anemic. or that i was getting very excited about the possibilities?

i was talking to evelyn and she's chatting away in her fabulous italian accent, telling me she has a really good feeling about me. and her big boss will be in next week -- why don't i come in and she'll introduce me.

she looked me right in the eye and said, "i'll get you in here". but then she wasn't looking me in the eye anymore, because i had fainted dead away.....

"kerplunk" on the floor.

I'M FINE NOW. but my pride's quite bruised.

they say it's a good thing to be memorable on a job interview. well, there isn't a person in macys last night who won't remember me!


  1. Oh no! So sorry that happened! Well hopefully it won't affect your job prospect...you will certainly be remembered!

    Just dress lightly at the next interview!

    Hang in there and be proud of what you are doing!

  2. Whoa! That is not good, i mean physically, that you fainted. are you okay? i mean, i know you said you are, but still. That is worrisome.
    Okay the reaching out, talking to people and making connections is ASTOUNDING and super and wonderful and truly truly inspiring. I have GOT to get to that point one day. i am out from under the bed and i have stopped shaking and all..but i have a long way to go.

    I am really really happy for you, tho!! Seems like you are taking charge of your life and making things happen.
    (Take care of that fainting thing -make sure it is nothing serious!)

  3. Oh no! That is awful (and scary!) about the fainting. But you have GUTS! Seriously, way to go with getting out there and making things happen. I have no doubt that if you decide this is the direction you want to go you'll get there and be amazing at it.

  4. Well that is indeed a memorable interview. I once leant back on a chair and then it fell right backwards with me in it and legs in the air. Got the job though.

    You should be proud of yourself getting out and networking. Getting off the couch. Talking to your emotions and just making the big change to be happier with yourself.

  5. First of all, thank you so much for the linky love. You are the sweetest! Second, I'm so sorry that happened to you!!! Are you ok? Hopefully you weren't hurt.

    Just be careful and be sure to GO BACK IN THERE often. Really. I'm serious. Because if you don't, you'll become afraid that it will happen again, and then you'll just become afraid of the fear. Then it's all out of control!!

    You'd be wonderful as a make up artist!!! I love Estee Lauder.

    I've thought about doing that too, but it's extremely cutthroat around here, and there really isn't much business.

  6. Oh no! I agree, you'll definitely be remembered. I think it's amazing the progress you've made in two years. And to make a job change at age 46 takes courage as well - I admire you.