Thursday, December 17, 2009


i'm supposed to be filling out grad school applications. as you can see, that's not what i'm doing. i've cleaned my apartment, flat-ironed my hair again AND paid some bills, BUT i have not looked at ONE application.

what's the procrastination? well, deep breath and a click of the mouse, and here i go.

...37 minute later. i haven't started. let's try again.


  1. I find my anxiety about this type of thing is always highest right before I dive in. Once you get going, I think you'll be just fine. What do you want to study? What schools? I think it's pretty exciting :)

  2. I am SO there. I'm applying to a few different schools so trying to figure out all the details of what each school wants is very tedious. Good luck!

  3. You can do this! Think of it as a fun journey instead of something to dread.

  4. Gosh, hope you have a good major. Frankly, Cow regrets all the time and money she spent on grad school, since she works side by side with those without them, who make just the same money as she does...

  5. I have the same problem with making my bed, doing my laundry, cleaning my floor etc. etc.

    Just a click of my mouse and then.....60 minutes later I am still not doing anything.

  6. Procrastination can be tough. I'm the Queen of it at times. I think with things like applications, there is always the thinking of beyond "just an application." An application is read, and in a sense you are judged based upon it. And that can be hard when there is a fear of failure. I don't know, this is just kind of mt thinking at times.

    I agree with Kim that once you get going, it will be easier.