Monday, June 29, 2009


ouch. i can't believe i let someone stick needles in my stomach.

i haven't written lately, because my stomach hurts. (crumpy post alert.)

my stomach always has some issue, most of them eating disorder/stress-related-- too many years of starving, binging and purging.

last wednesday, i was walking down Main street, denville, new jersey, holding my ulcer and clutching my cramps.

i saw the sign "FREE ACUPUNCTURE CONSULTATION." really, i would have tried anything

for cramps, i've main-lined advil (ow, ulcer), tried tylenol with codeine (didn't work!), eaten bananas (potassium), burned through heating pads and lost a lot of sleep and days of work.

for my ulcer -- nexium, prilosec, xantac, rice, bread, no spices, deep breathing...


i prayed the acupuncture would help. everyone (particular new yorkers) recommends it.

although not a fan of needles, in i went, and i let a little lady dig holes into my stomach, near the ulcer pain. as i write this i wince. what was i thinking? what was i thinking?

IT HURT. i hurt. the site of the needles hurt and my stomach hurt, and i felt nauseous.

i seem to be feeling better, five days later, although my stomach is super sensitive and making symphonic sounds day and night, and i'm still kind of nauseous.

of course, it messes with my eating. my squealing belly only wants rice, bread, noodles and potatoes. it DOES not want broccoli, vinegar, salsa, mustard, spice, et. al. (it's gurgling at the mere mention. seriously.)

what's an eating disordered gal to do? Avoid apuncture.


  1. I understand all about stomach problems, and the havoc then can wreck on a life! I'm sorry the acupuncture was so painful. I had no idea!! I think all you can do is take care of yourself and eat what you know is good for you. My stomach problems are very much related to heightened stress and reality...which only therapy really helps for me. I wish I could meditate. Ha.

  2. i didn't really think acupuncture was supposed to be painful either.

    i hear you on the stomach. stress and reality certainly take their toll. anxiety can keep me doubled over (tripled over, quadrupled over). i often find myself in some facsimile of the fetal postion.

    Mediate, "Ha", indeed.

  3. Ah, stomach problems are the worst. It seems like a cruel joke for someone in recovery. Don't eat anything that would upset your stomach, and maybe just BRAT foods for a few days.

    You've inspired me to check out acupuncture for myself. I have terrible back problems that this may perhaps help.

  4. *Is too busy being unconscious on the floor after fainting at the thought of needles in her own stomach to help think of anything practical* :o :o!!!!!


    I hope you find something to ease it though, it sounds horrible!

  5. Poor thing! I have a very nervous stomach too, and I feel your pain, literally. That doubled over feeling is not a good one, you can literally feel the beads of sweat popping out on your forehead.

    I'm surprised that the acupuncture didn't work for you.. It has helped me a lot, and if I'd just stick to the diet they suggested (not bland by the way) I might have kept the problem at bay. for the most part I try to eat healthy, but then the odd craving comes up for something bad, and I'm off the good stuff again.

  6. Just Eat It: the little lady also worked on my back. i think that helped. but do more research than i did when it comes to finding a provider!

    Abi: i think i was really desperate. i get sick when i even need a little blood test.

    somewhere i heard acupuncture could help terrible period cramps. i still suppose it's possible, but i don't think i'll be volunteering for needles anytime soon!

    karen: do the needles hurt u? these really did, and i didn't think they were supposed to. if you have a chance, can you tell me your experience of acupuncture? mine seemed different.

  7. It was a long time ago. They aren't supposed to hurt that much, I remember that they were irritating at first, but then I laid there in such a relaxed state that I really didn't feel it anymore.

    Maybe you should go to a different one? This didn't sound right to me either.

    I love the new layout, by the way.

  8. A little blood test... LITTLE? I faint. :P I don't mean to, I don't plan on it, I try very hard to be brave, I smile at the blood test lady, say thank you (when they haven't done vile things to my arm) walk into the waiting room, sit down, and the second I relax I faint.

    You are BRAVE :o

  9. Midnight blue like my hair, yay :D

  10. karen and abi: i don't know if i'm brave enough to go to another acupuncturist. my stomache, today, is just feeling okay.

    thanks for noting the new blogette. my boyfriend did it. he has a much better eye (i was making a mess)and it's sort of bonding