Saturday, December 31, 2016


The number one New Year's resolution, apparently, is losing weight. Isn't that bizarre, when you think about it? Of all the things we could hope or dream to change and make better with the gift of a new year, most of want.......weight loss.

We sure don't dream big, do we?

For many, many years, my entire life's goal was to be thin. For me, that was as good as it got. I didn't pursue a meaningful career, a fulfilling relationship, and I certainly didn't reach out to help anyone else. 

Barely, a life.

So, this year, I resolve to pursue my true dreams. I have an interview next week for a volunteer spot with the National Eating Disorders Association, I am going to blog every day, and look for any other ways I can help those who suffered as I did.

I also resolve to be kinder, more considerate, less selfish, more patient, tolerant and loving to all. Now that's a REAL challenge. Losing weight's got NOTHING on kindness. (Or patience!)

That's a life.


  1. I am happy to read this. It is a good feeling to be okay with your body. I now no longer berate myself for having a full on food day. I just say "hmmm, that was nice but I have had enough' and life goes on. I am more interested in making my body strong and healthy as opposed to tired and thin. Anyway, it's too much like hard work to think of how to deprive oneself of food to reach a certain ideal, maintain a high level of complete control and succeed in keeping hunger at bay. I am too old for that and I like food too much. It really is a relief. But it took a lot of work to get the right mindset.

  2. Hi Linda! So good to hear from you. I so appreciate our friendship :-) You definitely did the work!! I love strong and healthy instead of tired and thin. Great great goals. thank you. Love, M

  3. I would like to lose weight but there are so many other things ahead of that on the list. Trying not to focus on it, but rather the healthy mindset & behaviors that could lead to healthy weight loss.

  4. Erin; For me, it really is about the relationship to/with food. If that's okay, then my body will figure out where IT wants to be, which may not be exactly where i thought i wanted it to be. (which I still find very weird - why do we want our bodies so small, when clearly so many of them aren't meant to be small?) Can you tell I'm tired - I'm rambling on here...But it's true, once food is just food - fuel and nourishment --I'm okay. Food (alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling) is just a symptom of inner issues. I'm looking for something on the outside to make me feel better on the inside. And briefly, it may. But there's never enough ice cream in the world to heal lonely, scared, empty and sad. In fact, ice cream can't heal any of those in the first place. I have to look at what's really troubling me - face it and get through it to the other side. That's what worked for me. I don't need or want food to fill a need, other than hunger. Does that make any sense?

    1. Yeah but... I think it's different for me, a bit. I don't think I eat to fill a void or make me feel better but for some reason it's very hard for me to eat regularly AND select healthy foods. And I don't know what that's about.

    2. It's truly a fact that if we don't eat enough during the day, our bodies and minds will want a lot of food at night. Why don't you eat during the day? do you not have time? do you want to save calories? or...?

    3. I have time. My days are usually free and unscheduled/unstructured. I've just never had a routine eating schedule and don't know how to do it. I know that sounds so stupid. I only eat when hungry and not even always then, if there's nothing that "sounds good." I am very bad at 1) eating when not hungry and 2) eating things that I don't really want to be eating in that moment. So I just don't. And I forget to eat in the day, too. I think it's time to set alarms and force down very easy things at a regular time, as boring & horrible as that sounds!