Monday, June 27, 2016

My Own Fat Prejudice - Ouch

There’s a picture of gorgeous plus-sized model Ashley Benson(she of the Sports Illustrated cover), wearing a very short dress and riding a bike.  She’s a beautiful women but (and?) her upper legs are covered with cellulite. Many applauded her for being comfortable looking like a “normal” woman and felt she looked great.

I am sad to say my first thought was, “why doesn’t she cover that ugly cellulite?”  And sort of nastily, I guess, “boy, those Sports Illustrated pictures must have been really retouched”, (note the italics!)

Also, I thought she looked too chunky to be wearing those bikinis, which I can hardly believe I’m confesssing. I don’t care if she wears them, actually, I just don’t think she looks very good.

Holy crap – would you listen to me!!! Where does my narrow, prejudiced fattist thinking come from?



  1. I understand. You grew up with those messages and they were drilled into your mind. I think the logical part of you knows that weight/size doesn't determine someone's worth, but there's a lot of messed up messages in your mind as well just based on how you grew up and how society is... I say just keep questioning it and trying to reject those automatic negative thoughts.

  2. Erin; Thank you for writing. I agree that the messages get stuck. I wouldn't say that i equate someone's weight with her worth, but perhaps i do in that i my reaction is - heavier bodies looks better more covered; that to wear a bikini someone should have a flat stomache; that cellulite isn't attractive, etc... It is prejudice. Hmm, much to think about. Thanks again for writing!