Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tess Holliday, Plus-size model

Tess Holliday is a hugely successful plus-size model. (I hate that designation, "plus-size". Regular models weigh about 30 pounds or so less than the average woman. Should we call them "minus-size"? Why do we have to label size at all?)

Every time I read about her, I am reminded that she stand 5'5 and weighs 280 pounds. i don't know the height and weight of any other models, but i certainly know hers.

Tess graced the cover of People magazine recently. I sensed there would be backlash -- readers complaining that she served as a terrible role model for young girls, and indeed, there was.

I find these complaints silly - i doubt anyone is going to try to gain weight to attain Tess's size, but if a young woman is heavier than the norm and feeling miserable about it, she can see that she doesn't have to; a woman can be beautiful and considered beautiful at any weight.

These days, I'm a pretty average size, but i used to weigh 80 pounds more and believed  i was the ugliest woman on the planet. I felt so ugly, i sometimes thought life wasn't worth it. At 200 pounds, I thought I couldn't be happy, could NEVER find a man who would want to date me, couldn't achieve anything.

Perhaps if I had seen women like Tess, with rich lives, wonderful relationships and booming careers, I would have felt better about myself. And what would have been best of all for me, Tess seems to be so successful BECAUSE, not even in spite, of her weight.

Tess carries a message of hope. Bravo


  1. I agree! I wish there was a Tess when I was growing up. I just love her :-)

  2. Amber, thank you for commenting. I think she is wonderful - may she help other women feel...well, just fine and very lovable, just the way they are. Tess is getting so much attention and support - there are clearly many, many women who can benefit from seeing her success.