Monday, June 22, 2015

Supermodel Emme

I became familiar with Emme Aaronson, the world most famous supermodel about twenty years ago. Emme’s grace and success inspired me, a plus-sized thirty-year-old who lived miserably in my own body

Her first book, True Beauty—Positive Attitudes & Practical Tips from the World's Leading Plus Size Model, seemed written for specifically for me.  And I loved that we shared a first name - her given name is Melissa - and a birth year.

After reading Emme’s book, I wrote her a letter, letting her know how she inspired me and gave me hope I’d never known before. She wrote back - a lovely handwritten card with a kaola bear on the front (she was on a book tour in Australia.)

I will never forget her generosity and still think of her and that card when i'm having bad day, low days. Days where my self-esteem seems to have moved out of the country.

Since that book came out in 1997, Emme has had a child, gone thru a tough marriage and divorce and battled breast cancer. Yet, she still beams in photos and still radiantly carries her message of self-love for women of all sizes.

In a 1997 New York Times articles, she said ''I stopped dieting. 'I've changed my psyche, my self-esteem, the 'good girl, bad girl' thing. If you cheat on your husband or commit murder, that's bad. A cookie is just a cookie. I got tired of fighting myself every step of the way. I live my life now. I don't get crazy.'' 

Words to live by. Thanks Emme.

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