Friday, September 9, 2011

what am i crying for

ya know those days where you feel blue and your not exactly sure why you're blue today, as opposed to other days?

this would be one of those days. i'm weepy and gloomy and low and letting things bother me. i put a lot of effort these days into not feeling sorry for myself and playing victim, because that just makes me feel worse in the long run and does no one any good. (besides, i'm pretty lucky in the scheme of things.)

today, it's really worrying me that i need to lay out a lot (too much) money for my car AND i owe the IRS and now, an accountant, money.

i can just cover it, but it depletes my savings. and that keeps me stucker (i just liked the word) in a job i don't like too much, because it pays just a little bit more than others.

blah. boo. hiss. want a man who loves me.

oh yeah, and i cut my own bangs with "choppy" results.

there ya go. i think i'm done. THANKS, if anyone had the patience to listen.

i really feel better. i'm off to do some good. :)


  1. Oh boy I know those days, and am sorry that you're having a tough time. Glad you took the time to write things out and hopefully relieve your mind of some of that burden. Money woes are *uber* stressful but they will definitely resolve with time. Is there anything you can do this weekend to lift your mood, some way to treat yourself? It doesn't have to cost money; sometimes a walk in the park or something like that can do wonders. Hang in there, I hope your weekend is brighter!

  2. So sorry you are you're feeling a bit blue. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate which is always stressful. Try to hang in there. Things can turn out okay in the end.

  3. ugh I hate money!!!! And I hate how not having enough of it makes me feel! I'm not a "lover of money", but I think life can be much more pleasant when you have enough of it.

    Sorry you are feeling so crappy :(

  4. I'm having that week. I can't really explain yet, but let's just say I know how you feel. Hang in there - it will get better for both of us!!!


  5. Sorry to hear that. Having a lot to contend with can be very dreary. It's not forever though and I am sure you will get through it.

    Now, about your fringe. That is a bit funny (having done that myself). But it will grow - that I know for sure.

  6. Oh, girl! I set up camp there! I have a plot there! I should charge you rent!

    Just keep swimming....

    Thinking of you!

  7. Oh, I HATE days like that! I have a line in my comedy act about how your third beer is the perfect time to cut your own bangs. I can't imagine trying it sober!

    Hang in there, my friend. When you're 90, you won't give a shit about any of it.


    Vegas Linda Lou

    (For some reason I have to sign in anonymously. Damn Blogger.)

  8. ladies; thank you all. i can't tell you how much all your support has meant over the last few days. it's great to have friends!

    i am feeling better. i had a really, really relaxing weekend with lots of rest and nice times with friends. AND i spent hours at the bookstore -- that will cure anything!!!

    thank you all again. you're amazing