Friday, July 1, 2011

The Scale: Part 1. Trillion, that is

Yes, i got another Scale last month -- i really should buy stock in Scales. no one can count as high as the number i've bought(and thrown out) in my life.

i got The Scale because of the ten pounds i'd recently gained -- no matter how much i talked to myself, i couldn't convince myself that i wouldn't keep gaining weight until i exploded. unless, of course, i had A Scale. no matter what i said to myself about my body regulating to where it needed to be, i was absolutely convinced i'd keep gaining weight until i exploded. unless, of course, i had The Scale.

since i've had The Scale, my weight has stayed in the same few pound range. but how can i really know, as The Scale seems to have issues.

This morning i jumped on it, and it gave me a number and then an error message. so, i got on twice more, and i was seven pounds less than the original number. i walked away all happy -- woo hoo. but i didn't trust this number, as it did seem a little low. hopped on twice more -- four pounds up.

i decided to pick the middle number, as it seemed the most reasonable.


this is ridiculous. once more, i am chucking The Scale. It doesn't know my weight any better than i do. how can i put faith in a stupid machine that gives me 3 different readings, ranging 7 pounds, along with an Error message?

how indeed. here we go again. this is getting very, very old


  1. Yes, chucking the scale is a good idea. They are incredibly unreliable! In the end, it just doesn't do us any good. Then, we become obsessed with it and are right back at square one. You are healthy, remember that!

  2. oh boy, the scale dance. we must look ridiculous, yes? IF i could fathom doing this in public i'd never buy another and use the most expensive one while out shopping weekly or bi-monthly. would save money and headache but the angst, what about that?
    i have not been on mine in lieu of terror and i'm always amazed when some perspective creeps in to remind me the power i'm giving to an OBJECT that is likely innacurate.
    feeling for you...

  3. You already know that the scale is never going to display a number that you will be happy with. Get rid of it once and for all! Sending healing {{{{HUGS}}}