Saturday, February 20, 2010

MSW information session

i'm visiting my family in pittsburgh. this morning i went to a wonderful MSW degree information session at the University of Pittsburgh.

although i've always wanted to get the msw and work around the eating disorder field, i never did anything about it or told anyone because i didn't think i was good enough. i thought people would laugh at me.

but no one's laughing at me. in fact, everyone i've told has says it makes sense, that i'm a good listener and very easy to talk to and i'm not judgmental.

this morning, instead of being all embarrassed about myself, i raised my hand and asked my question -- do they have field placements and are there career oppts in the eating disorder field.

YES, they have many AND they also have placements in students services at the U/Pitt and other colleges. THAT IS MY DREAM JOB!!! wow-ee.

if anyone is interested in more about the info session, let me know here or email me at

i will be on the road in san francisco next week and want to use the evenings to FINALLY apply to programs. i know i'll be tired and just want to watch the olympics BUT with my work schedule, this is one of the only times i'll have to work on apps. i plan to check in on the blog and report my progress. i do better when i'm reporting in!

i'm also going to try to find time to find a job that keeps me in one place. i just don't do as well with all this travel. i don't sleep as well or eat as well or feel as committed to my healthy lifestyle when i'm on plane after plane and dealing with time zone changes and bickering family.

it feels a little overwhelming, yet i know these are all good changes for me. it can be scarey stepping out of my little world and risking doing what i want. going to school is a big thing. but won't it be wonderful to have the chance to contribute in a field that has been such a problem for me.

i love being with my family in pittsburgh. i'm also going to love getting home for the two days i have before my next trip.

hope everyone's doing well. i'm looking forward to landing a new job, so i have more time to read blogs!!!!!!!!!


  1. I think it is very good to follow your dream. And remember even if the starting salary of the MSW is low you will be able to work up into higher paid positions. It would be good to get a degree in a field which really resonates with you so don't let anyone discourage you.


  2. I say, go for it! I think you would be great at working with eating disorders!

  3. This sounds GREAT!!, working for your brother is sounding a bit unhealthy and it's wonderful to be excited about studying for a meaningful career - looking forward to reading about it.

  4. Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them. ....................................................

  5. It's so awesome that you're pursuing this! I know career changes are hard, but this field would be so suited for you, I think!

  6. Hmm, who better understands than one who's been there? You're not going to want to spend your time in SF doing apps. The sun is out, the sky is blue, it's not raining (today). I don't know what part of town you're in, but almost any neighborhood is gorgeous and full of cute houses and great views. Tomorrow will probably rain again.

  7. lissy - this sounds so wonderful and you seem so happy and excited! I'm thrilled for you and I just know what a wonderful therapist/counselor/social worker you will be. Let me know when you get that degree and I'll be your first client! I'll be emailing you!

  8. I'm glad you are pursuing this as it sounds like this is something you really want. How many of us can say we are really striving for our dreams in life y'know? Keep us posted.

  9. I just came across your blog. I relate to your profile. I've been all over the map with weight. As an adult a size 4 to a size 28...

    I'm finally trying to recover from a lifelong battle..

  10. I think this is absolutely WONDERFUL!!!

    Good for you for pushing forward with this, I know it couldn't have been easy. You'll be amazing in this field.

    Your compassion knows no bounds, and you have real life experience.

    Best of all, you'll be doing something YOU want to do! I'm so proud of you!!!