Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Parellel Universe

In my last post, i wrote about taking my niece shopping for plus-size clothes. i keep thinking about the post and what a fond memory i have of that shopping trip. i wrote,

just an aside. when i was in Lane Bryant, i really related to the women and the bodies and the looks. i felt more at home. i've always thought there was a plus-size woman inside of me who was being repressed by salads and small turkey sandwiches and diet soda.

in my response to Karen's comment about the post, i said that the place felt like a safe haven that i didn't want to leave. everyone was warm and nice and supportive. a larger body was the norm, and we all had a good time helping other customers pick great outfits. (p.s. - the place was packed. guess large-bodied women need clothes too!)

it was so comfortable. imagine a place where a larger body is the beautiful norm? i'd be right there, eating lunch, guilt-free. i know that if i let my body be where IT wanted, i'd be a bigger woman than the size 8-10 i am now. what a drag.

would anyone like to join me in that place?

maybe i should work for Lane Bryant


  1. It is so sad, what our society has become. These excruciatingly thin women on TV and in the movies aren't even attractive, how could they be so thin, and be healthy at all??? Look at Angelina Jolie, she is PAINFULLY thin. It isn't attractive at all, it's scary looking.

    I can definitely relate to this post. The pressure to be thin is nearly criminal. People are dying. Their quality of life is nil.

  2. karen; i don't get it either. what is the appeal of skin and bones? i really DO wonder that.

    i was walking with a group of people (adults!). we passed a mother and daughter, bouncing on a trampoline. the mother was pretty heavy. one of the guys from the group said, "what a load, jumping around on that trampoline". a couple people chuckled.

    i said, "but look, she's exercising. isn't that the healthy, right thing to do? You should be applauding her."

    what a stupid response from me. there i was making it "morally right" for her to be on the trampoline. she has every right to do whatever she wants, without judgment at all.

    the pressure to be thin is rotten.