Sunday, October 30, 2016

To scale or Not to Scale?

I admit that I’m still weighing myself occasionally. I want to see what happens when I’m free with food, but perhaps that means I’m still tethered to a number.

The rule is that no matter the number, I can’t change how I’m eating.  And I must make peace with any number at all.

Right now, the number is staying about the same, but that's happened all along the way to my current weight. I'd hover around a number for a while, then go up a few pounds. My gut tells me there's more to come.

Perhaps, I am afraid. Mostly, I think I'm curious to see my what body does when it's allowed to do what it wants. 

I do LOVE the way I’ve been eating and realize that I used to eat less than was satisfying. Now, I’m completely content. There’s no desire to overeat or to eat when I’m not hungry, and I’m feeding myself more happily.

Should I put down the scale?


  1. I guess I'd ask why you want to continue to weigh yourself, and what you will get out of doing it?

  2. Erin; Good question! I know my issue is that I was always extremely overweight until i started watching. Without even blinking recently, i gained ten pounds. I guess i worry that if i'm not careful, I'll gain back the 100 pounds i lost (more than once!) BUT that's not what it's about and the poundage doesn't matter. Am i healthy and free, and I am those things. Thank you for your great question!