Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Smile, pretty

Last night, I went to pick up Chinese takeout. I heard the guy in front of me leeringly tell the girl behind the counter that she had a beautiful smile. She looked uncomfortable and said, “I guess the braces worked.” He didn’t want to leave. I kind of pushed him aside. The cashier looked relieved.

Let’s look at this interaction more closely. She is 18, tall, blonde and beautiful. He looked to be about 50, with bad skin, beady eyes and mild body odor.

And yet, like most men, he truly THOUGHT HE HAD A CHANCE!

After the guy left, the lovely young cashier told me she gets hit on all the time.  She said, “I wish, for once, guys would just come in and get their food”.

What is it with men? First of all, she’s pretty much a child.  Second, she’s really, really pretty – pretty much out of most guys league.

After I left the Chinese restaurant, I went to the drugstore. The pharmacy tech was young, very handsome and very sweet. He made me feel very old.  It didn’t occur to me to tell him he had a beautiful smile, nice hands, great hair………

What is it with men?


  1. You are so right about men thinking they have a chance no matter how ughly they are and how pretty and young the girl is.

    And the worst is hitting on people who are working and just trying to do a job and can't be rude because the person is a customer!!!

    1. Topiary Cow! So good to hear from you!!! I've been thinking of moving my blog, 'cause i don't think folks go to blogspot much anymore.

    2. And TC, i couldn't agree with you more. I don't understand why men think women are some kind of item them can have!