Wednesday, July 6, 2016

"You've Lost Weight!"

Is it a compliment to tell someone they look like they've lost weight? Such a loaded question for me. I try so hard to remind myself constantly that weight doesn't matter, but old habits die hard. "You lost weight!", is still a knee jerk commit, and I always assume it's a huge compliment. I've even said it when it didn't look like the person had lost weight - I just thought it was a great thing to say!

Of course, who even knows why someone lost the weight. Are they ill? Are they going through an unhappy time?

And the ultimate question - why have I always thought that weight loss is such a great thing anyway?


  1. My neighbor said that to me yesterday. I was wearing a baggy navy t-shirt, so I guess that hid things. I said I did not think I lost weight at all (I'm pretty sure I did not). It bothered me that she said it and it left me scratching my head. She's in her 60s and European and doesn't know my history. I let it go... it's OK. It's not something I'll ever be saying to anyone, that's for sure.

  2. Erin: It IS a weird thing to say to someone - I know that, and still I can find myself saying it. I wanted to hear it my whole life, so it's so ingrained that telling someone they look thin is a wonderful thing to do. I will keep reminding myself it's not!!! I sure know better. Thank you for writing!!!