Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Waitressing at 50

okay, 49.

i've posted that i started hostessing at a local restaurant in November. it's easy, breezy and i make a little extra money. but it's a very little extra.

lots of people are telling me i should ask to wait tables because for about the same hours, i'd make a lot more money.

i'd keep the day job, of course, but with all my car and dental bills, extra money would HELP.

still, i'm terrified. i was a TERRIBLE waitress in college (about 30 years ago, to be exact.) bad with the computer, terrified under pressure, clumsy, etc.

 i enjoy hostessing after the stress of the day job. i'm pretty good at it and feel relaxed and pleased at the end of the shift. it's almost my refuge. do i give that up?

on the other hand, how much of a choice do i have? money isn't actually a luxury, is it? 

why not give it a try, right? still, scarey!


  1. Go for it. Think of it as incidental exercise or a way to work your social skills. Don't think about how you were 30 years ago - you are not like that now, don't let that hold you back. At least give it a try. Can you tell the management you would like to try but feel a bit nervous? You would be surprised how accommodating people are when you tell the how you feel and ask for help.

  2. Linda, THANK YOU. i love the idea of "incidental" exercise. especially as i'm glued to a desk all day. i'm summoning up the courage to do just as you suggest. (p.s. where i hostess, there are many college kids BUT there's a dynamo 80 year old waitress and everyone's favorite, the 86 year old hostess!)

    one nice thing as i approach 50 -- the whole food and body and weight thing seems to have really dissipated. i haven't written much on the blog because it doesn't "own" me anymore.

    middle age, however, hmmmmmmmm.

    hope you are well, my friend!