Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Money, things and life choice

If you've ever looked at Enneagram personality types, I'm a type 4. Below are the careers that are supposed to be good for type 4s. I've considered most of them, but haven't really pursued any. How many times have i contemplated and even applied for MSW programs. (i think it's part of the Type 4 profile to be dreamy and wishy-washy and unstructured!)

Instead of pursuing and achieving, i've floated around in unfulfilling careers that don't fit me at all and i've wasted a lot of time and spent way too much money on needless THINGS.

My pursuit of materialistic comfort has kept me from taking a risk and doing something meaningful and BIG. My dear friend says fear keeps us doing what we shouldn't be doing and keeps us from doing what we should.

i want the courage to pursue the following: (!)

Holistic Health Practitioner
Yoga/Dance Instructor
Relationship/Couples Counselor
Life Coach
Crisis-line operator
Web/Graphic Designer

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