Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wrong Man

I need support. Sometimes, we tuck away our secrets, because we don't want to hear the response. Yes, I have secrets... One i never talk about anymore is how the man i date treats me. In the beginning, i shared his behavior with friends and my sister, yet when they all told me to run, to move, to fly -- i stopped talking. Now i live in silence. He berates me, criticizes the way i walk, talk, think -- always sort of making fun. And when he's angry, anything goes -- verbally. I've never been spoken to like this. I begin, finally, to see how it creeps into the rest of my life. my self-esteem feels slim these days. I hear myself berating myself. When pondering why i stay, there are reasons. Perhaps i begin to want to move, to fly


  1. You deserve so much more!!! Please know that...and be free.


  2. i wish i knew now. i've hung in there for almost a year and a half. and it seems harder and harder to disengage

  3. I agree that you deserve more and I hope you can allow yourself to believe that. I believe that you know what you need to do to be free. What is holding you back? Unfortunately, nothing changes if nothing changes. I believe that you can change your situation.

    Remember that you are strong, wise and beautiful. You deserve to be with someone who will see that and love you just as you are.

  4. thanks so much shae. i know what's best. i think i'm finally getting ready to move forward, to move on.

    this guy had a lot of positive effect on my life early on, and i cling to that.

    but even writing about it makes me sense i'm getting there. i pray for strength all the time

  5. what a douchenugget!!!! Maybe he was a positivepart of your life at one time, but it def sounds like he is not anymore. To reiterate what Angela said: you deserve better. Nobody has the right to verbally abuse you! Even if you are not ready to leave him yet, I'm glad you are writing about it. Reach out for support from your family, friends, therapist, whoever. The more support you have, the stronger you will feel.

  6. I will pray for your strength, too. Keep your head up, Melissa!


  7. Fly, fly, fly. As soon as you can. Out and away to be free from someone who does not have your best interests at heart.

    Bullying behaviour is never okay.